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Inspiration ?

Where does it come from ? A lot of people get it from nature or the gut. Some seem to just have it and it comes naturally. I derive my inspiration from so many places and people. On the rare occasion that it just "happens", I feel great all day :) But lately most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers, like the natural Christina of SecondSkinStyle, the glorious vintage clad Vix, the cool as ice Shannon aka DirtyHairHalo, a new favorite PullYourSocksUp, CalamityJem, and so many more to count! I always go to my beginning BBBB's like the great skirt SchoolMarmStyle was sporting this week, Gina, who rocks business and has a funky weekend style, and the ever changing Kasmira. Queen Diva is always a must read as well as the funny FashionDaydreaming . I could go on and on. like Bonnie, Lesa, Terri, and of course TheCitizen Rosebud and Helga Von Trollop. Plus many, many more (they are all on my blog list if you want links ;)

And, of course all the vintage sites and DIY sites :)  ~  And photography sites, U-tube, Polyvore and a new fav. is LunaPic. Way cool fun stuff !

Then there's Street Peeper and Tokyo Street Style, ads from F21, and the queens of street style like SJP or Kate Moss. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui and of course shows like Rachel Zoe and ANTM.
These aren't really anything new or really very original, but I like to see what's up and how I can shop my closet and make the looks mine :)  ~  So that's where it comes from for me ~ How about You ? Any cool sites / links you really are digging right now ?    ~   Share, please :)

Lately I have been paroozing old photos of great women like Grace Slick and all the natural beauties of the 60's and 70's. How beautiful they were without make-up and their clothes were as natural as they were. Their passion and the freedom to be free is so contagious and refreshing to look at ;)

Dress: Vintage late 80's  ~  Vest: Old Navy, Old 
Hat: Dot's  ~  Scarf: Payless  ~  Boots: thrifted ( who throws this stuff out ;)  ~ Sunnies: very old, mine.
Gold-plated wing earrings: Claire's 1.oo  ~ Eagle Sweater clip: vintage, 1.oo ( I think it may be from the "Eagle's Club" veterans sister group )
If anyone wants their links removed, please let me know and I will remove them asap :)

Slick !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! I like this scarf and couldn't believe it was from Payless. Guess I haven't been in there in a while.

You know, a series on women from the sixties and their style would keep me coming back. I haven't worn makeup since the early 70's, though I'm reaching an age that I think it may be necessary.

Lesa said...

Wow, I am honored to be mentioned, I feel so uninspired now that I'm not working.

You, however, are always my inspiration, I would love to be able to put together your look.

Vintage Vixen said...

Loving that grungey-look Reva! I'm honoured to get a mention.
You, too are always an inspiration as you wear your clothes with love and a carefree attitude.
Yes to an interview and I'm a Euro 39 or 40.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being MIA for so long. I have missed seeing your creatively eclectic outfits.

Love from Toronto, Canada

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You are a darling to even mention me. Thanks Reva! Where is your blogroll by the way...I don't see it.

You always looks so full of spirit, and since in-spire means literally with spirit in Latin, I think it is fitting that you wax so eloquent about it and look so elegant with it.

You are a doll, dear. xo. -Bella Q

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