I love to walk into the grocery store in my very conservative neighborhood while wearing a cowboy hat ;)
My exhibitionist side has imaginary conversations that the watchers are having :
" What the hell is she wearing ?" ( after the double-take .... )
" She must be going to a costume party ...."
" I bet there's a rodeo in town, he, he! "
" Maybe she's just visiting someone "
" Where do you think she's from? "
" Texas."
Original Cowboy Junkies concert T, vintage ~
Dress: vintage drop-waist pinafore ~
Boots: Banana Republic ~ Hat: thrifted ~ Necklace: vintage 70's ~ Belt: thrifted.
Rings: black onyx thumb, hammered metal, vintage Avon, sterling/gold bands.
Pink Aviators: Dollar General ~ Earrings: Big Lots
WOW, I can't believe John Lennon was born exactly 70 years ago today. AND he was killed in December 30 friggin' years ago! I was only sixteen when it happened, and as an avid rock fan, this day is a somber, memory invoking one. Most blogger's weren't even alive in December of 1980. Honestly, back then I didn't grasp the impact of such a waste until I got older.
I wonder what he would be thinking and doing Today ? Would he still be living in New York, or even in the U.S ?  Would  "Give Peace a Chance" and "All You Need is Love" still be his mantras ? Just think how small the world has become since then. I wonder what his thoughts would have been on stuff like 9/11, or the war in Iraq. Or Afghanistan ? Would he have written a song about the release of Mandela ?  Maybe he'd be a Missionary .........

The Bed-In for Peace.
An original piece by Lennon ........
Kinda Einstein-ish :)


Lesa said...

I was in my first year of college when John Lennon died. (Yes, I really am that old, I can't believe it,) I am crazier now than I was then) but I remember blowing off a big exam to go to a vigil.

Here is what I wonder Reva: John Lennon with Bono--what they could do for the world, not to mention a duet.

I still imagine...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I would have been in graduate school when I got the word...

The first thing I liked about this look was the skirt, and then the challenge to the folks in the grocery stores, and then the boots, and then after the message on the front of the tee, the tee itself.

I really like your hair in the braids.

Maria said...

you only gets looks because you're brave. I've noticed that if I dress up in anything other than the norm, I get funny looks. But it's ok, it's just clothes and I love it.

you look great, I'm really loving the boots and those pink aviators are so cute!

Vintage Vixen said...

Great hat! Love it on you. I'd be worried if I didn't get comments and strange looks, am I looking too mainstream?
Can't believe it's almost 30 years since Lennon's death. The entire school were in tears, including the teachers. xxx

gina said...

Love this look on you! The baggy t-shirt with the skirt, boots, hat and jewelry is a great combo!

gina said...

Love this look on you! The baggy t-shirt with the skirt, boots, hat and jewelry is a great combo!

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