The Power of the Flower

There is no greater power than that of the flower !
Blogger has gone nuts on me, but this dress makes up for all the aggravation :)
I love large rose patterns and this 90's version caught my eye right away. I lived in these dresses back then. I'm definitely strolling down memory lane lately. My anniversary is on Sunday and looking through old photos I found myself wearing dresses and boots a lot. My hair was always down, too.
Young Romance ;) ~ I always had a mouthful of Big Red gum for kisses. I will be posting photos this weekend.
We dated 1 yr., lived together 5, and have been wed for 12 !!! WOW ! I guess he's a keeper :)
Back then, however, I wore either heavy short socks or long-johns underneath. Much sexier this time around......

I always curled / crimped my hair, too.  Now Hubs calls me Bun Head .......... Surprise !
Marriage still rocks !
Love, Peace and Flowers :)
1. WW40: Still Nada.
2. Still awaiting an appointment for ridding myself of "Snake". It will happen, oh yes, it will :)
3. Not even trying to find a new job. Call me a lady of leisure, who happens to be "in-between-projects" ;)
Anything else ?

AND, Is anyone else having image-loading / text problems with Blogger ? I came home and the image loader was different, but now, the darn thing has a mind of it's own. (Again!) I never know where my images will end up ,nor where my text will be. I feel all out-of-control and I don't like it .................. :)


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh that flower-print dress takes me back to the early 90s that's for sure! The OTK socks are a fab and cheeky touch:). I have uploaded any pix for a few days - hope Blogger gets its act together soon. xo

Beth said...


you know what also takes me back? The cigarette- add a shot of jagarmeister and it it is a snapshot of me in 1993... LOL. I feel like your soundtrack is Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains in this shoot!

I have been having problems load pix the right direction. They keep coming up turned on the side. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of your FULL head of hair. It's a lovely dress...the dusty roses.

And I want to hear the story of your romance.

Vintage Vixen said...

Pull Your Socks Up echoes what I was going to say, that dress is so early 1990's. It's perfect on you. Your hair looks gorgeous at the moment. xxx

Bonnie said...

I so totally love that dress. You're right it's totally 90s and has a very happy vibe to it.

I am also experiencing blogger issues. I can't manipulate photos anymore so i have to plan out my pics and load them accordingly otherwise there is hell to pay. I also can't do a copy/paste from word to blogger under compose. I can do it in html however. All I can say is, it used to be a lot easier.


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