Make Your Own Graphic Tee's

Today was craft Saturday. This one is so easy, and tons of fun :)  Making graphic Tees . There are so many fun ways to make them, from using permanent sharpies and drawing images or your favorite quotes on them, to printing them using your printer and Window's paint. I prefer the latter ~ goof-up free !
( Usually ;)
I find an image I really like. If I want, I can change the colors, crop, even add text . Then with Avery fabric transfers ( sold at any store, even the grocery)     ..........  
 I pop a sheet in, hit print,  and Wa-La. A custom Tee.
Having a knowledgeable helper is always a plus ;)
This one I placed on a cropped Tee. You can do fringe, do a sweatshirt, long-sleeve Tee, whatever your heart desires :)
( Make sure there is no copy-right infringements on the images you choose ;)
I Google images that I'm interested in, then download them.........
I make my color and size adjustments, and sometimes add words or quotes.
IMPORTANT !  Don't forget to flip your images !!!  Either in your printer options (mirror image) or the app. you are using :)  I wasted many sheets because I WAS flipping them, but they kept coming out un-flipped :(  ~  Though if you don't have text, it really doesn't matter  ~  
Then, I figured out I was flipping them twice, once in paint, and my printer was also set to mirror them, too.
So, now I have images of Bob Dylan with his name spelled backwards.............. Duh :)
And, I warn you, the transfer sheets aren't thrift-store cheap !
TIP : Make your images about 4 x 6, or they will be huge........
Oopsie :)
AND,  I misspelled a word !!!  PLUS, negative much ? ;)
I should make a tee that says " Live and Learn " or maybe " The Person Who Doesn't Make Mistakes is Unlikely to Make Anything " ;)
I already have a better quote ............
" He Not Busy Being Born is Busy Dying "  Bob Dyan

A few more I made and am considering ......
If you have any questions about making or printing transfers, E-mail me :)
( I'll do my best :)
Hey, maybe I'll do a DIY on  "How to look like you're not trying to look cool" in a photo ?
Tee, Hee :)
Hat: thrifted  ~  Skirt: Rue 21  ~  Belt: F21  ~  Bag: gift  ~  Boots: very old :)  ~  Sunnies: vintage.


Helga! said...

Awesome fun,chick! I'm not a T-shirt wearer myself,but great idea for pressies!
Love the other image ideas you've got too.
That skirt is fab!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow I love this idea and I adore the images you've chosen! I'm gonna get busy - thanks so much for the inspiration, you look fantabulous in your outfit!! xo

Vintage Vixen said...

Fabulous! You creative darling, you.
I love some of those images, I only own one teeshirt, I may be inspired to butcher some of Jon's. xxx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

love your d.i.y. t-shirt! great post.

i emailed you last week, perhaps you didn't get it.

just sent you another email with a list of ALL my email addresses.

find me on Facebook, perhaps?
xo. Bella Q

Anonymous said...

I love the tee shirt and the belt and never knew these transfer things existed!

I'm going to track some down TOMORROW! I'll go crazy with be looking for panicky e-mails from Terri!

Matt said...

DIY articles are always fun to read! That's really cool, and sounds like you have a lot of neat t-shirts! Your outfit is super cute too, and I have a belt that's really similar to that one, how cool! I hope you had a great weekend! :)

sacramento said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments.That gives me the chance to visit your blog, and i love what I see, so I will be back for more.

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