The Shout Heard Round the Globe !

The local mid-west weather report is 50's and dreary after a week of 70's. Shocking to say the least!  This outfit is an example that women over 40 CAN wear short skirts, darn it.  If I read another article telling us over 40's to stop it, I will scream so loud it will be heard around the globe. I bet Kelly Ripa (40) or SJP (45) or Demi Moore (46) would agree. Though I bet they have a slew of surgeons with botox-filled lipo-suction thingys on their payroll ;) 
AND  LEG WARMERS !  I also found another use for them today. A mini-scarf :) The perfect fit .
The beret was a necessity for my bad-hair day . It's time to do my roots .........
I may do an all-over as the color is really faded .  Kind of a washed-out orange hue ;) Halloween anyone ?
I can't wait to show you my Halloween outfit on Saturday ;)
Mwa, Ha, Ha !!!
Skirt: Old Navy, thrifted  ~ Tee: Sears,clx ( so out, it's in ;)  ~ Beret: F21  ~ Harley Davidson boots: thrifted
Leggings: Targei'  ~  Leg Warmers: thrifted  ~ Various necklaces: All over.  ~  Cardi: Targei', clx.

* Reva *


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Reva you look fantastic. Ok, you might actually change my mind about leg warmers, dammit. You rock em with the boots, and worn all country rocknroll style with the faded rinse jean mini and tights looks good as well as warm.

With those legs of yours, you should be able to rock mini's for many more years to come. I love your jewelry. The layering of the necklaces = very cool. Stay warm! xo-Bella Q

Lesa said...

My Favs- The necklaces and the "I'm with the Band" tee. Wish I were somewhere with seasons. 88 degrees here. Happy Halloween Reva!

Anonymous said...

The color palette here is great! I'm going to start looking for leg warmers. And that rosy-colored necklace looks interesting too.

Vintage Vixen said...

You're so right, whenever I read a new fashion edict, like no short skirts for the over thirties or cowboy boots are out I instantly raid my wardrobe and wear the offending items. It's great fun being naughty.
No-one wears a beanie hat like you do, you were born to. xxx

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic.

San said...

You look fantastic in this outfit. It's a perfect fit. So sweet.

Have a great Sunday.

Kimberley said...

You look awesome, and I am so glad that you said what you said about the "over 40 rule". If there's anything I hate about the mainstream world of fashion it's the arbitrary "rules". I'm 28 (for a few more weeks at least, heh) and I already get anxiety about "oh, maybe I am too old for this". It's ridiculous! Props to you and your rockin' legs. You are a real blogging heroine.
- (purple_chickadee on Weardrobe)

Matt said...

I love this outfit! Its super cute, and I think the leg warmers are a great little touch too! Ugh, I really dislike fashion "rules" about who should wear what, and I'm just not into telling anyone what to wear at all! Oh yeah, the beret is really fun too! :)

gina said...

So fun! I love the denim skirt, legwarmers and jewelry!

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