Always Follow your Instincts

I was recently at Penny's trying on my "Affordable Dream Boots". Over-the-Knee, black with stiletto heels and the top perfectly folded over. I imagined them with leggings, long sweaters and many compliments as well. The sales guy even offered me an extra 10 dollar off coupon .......................
But, my reality police was kicking my shin, reminding me that a cap on my stupid tooth was way more important (stupid cherry pit ;), than some silly not-even-real-leather boots. So, after walking around the shoe dept. trying with all my might to justify this purchase, (No one can even see the broken tooth anyway.......... Come on, you so deserve them .................. It will be an investment in your coolness factor....................)
The battle went on for a very long time, and finally my Mom was starving, so I decided to walk away. Bootless.

When I got home, I did my usual thrift-store 1/2 price day lookie-loo, and lo and behold, sitting on the top shelf of the shoe rack, were these REAL leather pirate boots , stilettos and the perfect folded over top for 8 bucks, hardly ever worn !  ~  Thanks Thrifty Gods for smiling down on me and reminding me to follow my "sensible" gut sometimes :)

Dum , Dum, Da Dum !!!  
( my cool bad-ass pose ;)
I SO love my Goodwill :)  ~  And the ladies who keep giving away these cool, affordable treats to me ;)
Bag: TJMaxx ~ Hat: thrifted.
Top: thrifted ~ Tights: Sears,clx. ~ Sunnies: Grocery store ~ Vintage cameo: gift.
Boots: Goodwill :)
Have a terrific weekend everybody ! 


Lady Cardigan said...

Wow, congratulations on finding those boots! I've still only been to Goodwill once, but I was impressed by the huge amount of nice clothes in excellent condition. The people who worked there were really nice, too. I hope to go back.

Lesa said...

Please come dress me! Boots rock, love the cameo. BTW Had a crack in my tooth (hard candy, I went with the spendy purchase instead (hey, no one can see

Anonymous said...

Reva--I've been boot shopping lately and have been put off by the vinyl boots. But the thrifting gods haven't smile on my boot searching--yet.

I really like this top and the cameo. where did you find that?

And, here's hoping, the tooth holds up until the money for the cap comes together.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

lucky you in real leather! and pockets a bit fuller yes? these boots are real treasures, matey, argh!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooh you're so lucky to have befriended the thrift store ladies who put goodies aside for you - you're so lucky to bag those gorgeous boots! Thanks so much for your lovely comment sweetie - I always love to see how you style your delish new gear! xo

lady sélénite said...

I love this outfit. Thanks for your comments on weardrobe, that give me occasion to discover your style witch is really cool !

Bonnie said...

Love how you have styled this outfit! I'm actually loving your necklace and the length of the chain. Lucky you, the boots are perfect!

Enjoy the weekend, Bonnie

Vintage Vixen said...

My Mum always told me that if I weas patient the thing you most wanted would turn up in a second-hand store eventually, and it's true!
Gorgeous outfit, fab boots. xxx

Louise said...

I want those sunnies! :-) Cute fall look, for sure.

gina said...

Love this look on you!

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