Strange Days Indeed

Most peculiar Mama ........
OK, Enough already ;)
I hope everyone is having a groovy week and a big thanks to all who sent best wishes to us on our anniversary :) I feel a bit exposed when I go into details about my relationships, especially when I've read a lot of folks don't dig that stuff, but I was happy to share and it will be something to keep always, like a diary / scrapbook entry. 
This outfit was a happy accidental mish-mosh pit . The weather in good old Cincy was super hot today, then a thunderboomer blew up and then it got cool. Thunderstorms during the fall can be pretty cool and I like the unexpectedness of it all :)
Plus, I'm still wearing a Lennon T (in his honor). I added a thrifted Liz skirt I have had for years and girlied it up with some pink :)
This skirt is an example of thrifting something that caught my eye, was good quality, and had all the elements of something I liked, but had no idea when or where I'd wear it. I just knew it should be mine ;) Plus the V-shaped waist and pockets are really neat :)  ~ Then I thought, Animal print flats? Why Not ?


Anonymous said...

Reva--I appreciated the story. I think this outfit came together so nicely. I really like the pink sweater with the mix of neutral patterns.

Lesa said...

Love the pink, the Lennon and the leopard!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink sweater with the Lennon T-shirt.

Good to see ya again my sister Bohemian...LOL.


Vintage Vixen said...

Yay! Missed this one! What a lovely grey and pink mix, one of my favourite colour combinations. xxx

Louise said...

I love this-- pink and white are so fresh. You look stunning.

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