Got Your Purple On ?

Purple Socks ? A Purple Tee ? Pants ?  Whatever you've got, you'll want to dig it out today :)

To bring awareness of the recent suicides by bullied gay teens, today is world-wide Spirit Day. Canadian teen Brittany McMillan started a day that has over a million people honoring the lives of gay and lesbian teens who have committed suicide because of the bullies at school and in our communities, and making us all aware of the epidemic. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ ( Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Teen Questioning ) flag. Though it is reported that she didn't get approval from the families of the teens who took their own lives, the movement has spread like wild-fire all around the world.
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ( GLAAD ) is featuring a "Wear Purple" page on Facebook, to purple their profile pic on Facebook or Twitter. 
Many teens suffer homophobic abuse in their schools or even in their own homes. and as a result some have committed suicide. Enough already ! I know you all have some purple somewhere :) So join in the movement and let people know it's not OK to bully anyone. For any reason.
The US National Suicide Hotline phone number is:
1-800-SUICIDE ( 784-2433) or 1-800-273- TALK ( 8255 )
If you suspect someone you love or anyone who may need help or someone to talk to, please pass on these number :)

( Looking out my front door ..... )

Leggings, Skirt: Miley/Max, clx. ~ Dress: thrifted. ~ Shoes: JCPenny's. ~  Sunnies: Foster Grant.
Necklace: Black Market Minerals.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Girlfriend you loook fabulous!

Lady Cardigan said...

I hadn't heard about this - thank you for passing it on. I'll try to find something purple I can wear today. And you DO look fabulous.

Lesa said...

A great post Reva, love the song. I also love the public service ads that say "it will get better' and it does, my Father was gay and provided me with the stability and love that I did not get from others. He was an exceptional person in his own "clothes" He came from a conservative family, made the mistake of getting married (hence my brother and me) but then had a wonderful relationship with a very special partner who I love very much.

My Daddy had a fatal heart attack at the age of 47...he was loved and never, ever judged by his children, his mother and his friends.

God bless all of these teens that don't know that life is so precious and the ignorant people that take away from them, because life does get sooooo very much better. Thanks for this Reva.


Vintage Vixen said...

Fabulous colour and a worthy reason. You can't believe so much pain exists over being gay in the 21st century. xxx

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Thank you for posting about this important issue, Reva!

Your leggings are beyond stellar!

Matt said...

Your purple outfit is great! And I love those shoes! And this is an important issue to support! Bullying of any sort is such a horrible thing for anyone to endure and such a tragedy. Thank for you for the moving comment you left on my blog today!

gina said...

Looking good!

I forgot my purple on Wednesday! I didn't remember until I was already off the train walking to the office.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I'm lovin' the necklace and the cause, although it seems I'm a day late. :(

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