OK, This may not have been the best idea, but it seemed like one at the time ;)  I wanted to wear this vintage jumper before I have to cover myself completely with sweaters and heavy coats. I could have worn different shoes, but I kinda felt like letting the little girl out in me today :)
You know the one who wore her tu-tu with her snow boots in the summer ?  Just like her :)
AND, I swear, I thought Halloween is Saturday. Duh ! I have another full day to prepare . Yipee !!!
What are you guys going to dress up like ?  Send me some photos or links so I can post them. It'll be fun :)
  Did I mention how much I love Halloween ? ............................
Dress: thrifted 
Flannel striped top: Gap, thrifted
Beret: K-mart, clx.
Scarf: the W-place
Boots: Dan Post, thrifted.


Anonymous said...

Reva--you had me at your title! I like the mix of different black and white prints. For Halloween, I'm wearing a very subdued...Hooters pin with the name "Lacey" on it. Only cost two bits at a garage sale and won't interfere with my movement.

Helga! said...

Love that jumper!!
Not doing anything special for Halloween.I do love how into it you guys get in the States! It's never been that big in our neck of the woods.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I think my fashion inspiration comes from the little girl in me who wore tutus and boots. So that must be why I LOVE your outfitting today. I love stripes, and checked prints and I'm really loving tan/brown shoes with black and white outfits. So you get a silver star!

Matt said...

I really like that dress! Super cute! And the boots are just great!! Halloween is a lot of fun, but I'm late to the party, and you already saw my post! (Well, you left a comment on it anyway! :) ). Great outfit! :)

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