An All American Girl

After peeking through my favorite blogs today, I feel a bit under-dressed ! I am liking the monochrome looks with shoes as the accessories, so when I found these lavender suede sandals for a song at Penny's, I snagged em' up, ( under 4 dollars!) . The thrift of the month was this Perry Ellis American satchel for six dollars yesterday. My knees literally wobbled as I picked it off the little purse tree. It could be because I was wearing platforms too :) I also have on a purple tank that showed through the sweater, but ya can't really see it here. Mixing textures made the outfit more fun as well.  I still can't get over the perfect leather satchel. The thrifty Gods were definitely smiling down on me !  This outfit made me feel kinda All-American and demurely sleek, with a touch of trendy.  I even wore my Aviator's and my hair IN the scarf  like the New York street stylers ;)   Watch out SJP !

I actually wore these home from my trip last week, which by the way I was pulled over for speeding !!! I nearly crapped myself, and handed him my credit card when he asked for my license. I offered him some fresh green beens and then proceeded to beg for mercy. He finally laughed and wrote me a warning ! Whew ! If only he knew I was writing a poem, taking photos of my shoes, eating donuts and applying make-up just moments before :)

And I must apologize in advance for all the crazy widget graphics.
I am loving playing with this site "Lunapics". You can do all kinds of funny stuff with your images for free, and It is so much fun and did I mention Free ? ;)
Sweater: Dorothee' Bis (TJMaxx)
Skirt: AE, cotton/thrifted ~ Scarf:thrifted ~ Shoes:JCPenny's ~ Over-Knee-Socks: Target
Sunglasses: Walgreen's ~ Tights: Covington,Sears ~ Satchel: Goodwill !


Anonymous said...

What a fun pair of sandals you found!

Your story about the ticket made me chuckle. Did he accept the green beans?

Vintage Vixen said...

What a fab pair of sandals, I love them teamed with the woolly tights. xxx

Maria said...

love the sandals!

If/when I get pulled over i'm going to have to offer fresh green beans too, and hopefully that'll work for me too. =)

gina said...

Great look! Love the dress and high socks and sandals!

Helga! said...

Freakin loving those sandals!! They look amaaaaazing with those awesome tights!
Thanks for the tip on how to deal with being pulled over for speeding!Hasn't happened yet,but it may be inevitable!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You had me at that bag and the glasses.

SoYesterday. said...

LOVE the shoes.. :)


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