Yee-Haw for Antique Malls

Since I was limited to one bag during my trip, I took easily folded cotton. This full black skirt paired with my "new" boots and a cheapo sweater/scarf paired well with my vintage necklace I bought at the Antique Mall :) I'm not sure what exact year this style was made, but I have seen many similar ones. This one was unique with the multi-colored stones. Any clues ?

Skirt: thrifted, $2.oo
Sweater: the W-place, $3.oo
Scarf: (same place), $3.oo
Puffed Heart earrings: Claire's, $1.oo
Boots: Charity store, $1.oo
Belt: Goodwill, $2.oo

A few more Antique Mall goodies, screw-post earrings, $2.oo
70's clip-ons, $3.oo

3 pc. brooch / clip earrings, $6.oo
a pair of clip-ons, $3.oo
( Not sure how old)
I am gonna use the earrings for buttons :)
Have a terrific week everybody !
( I hope Blogger goes back to normal this week, too ;)


Vintage Vixen said...

Love how you've teamed the tan of the boots with that scarf, lovely print on the skirt, too.
The jewellery is gorgeous, clip-ons are lovely clipped on to plain court shoes to jazz 'em up a bit. xxx

Helga! said...

I love the boots and the necklace,dahl!!

Dip-tea said...

I am absolutely loving that skirt!! :)

Anonymous said...

If you ever decide you want to part with that skirt, I want to be first in line for it.

Lately, I've been more carefully shopping for jewelry, mostly at the thrift stores. I want to be able to paw through it and even though I understand why that isn't realisitic, it IS the reason I haven't YET purchased much. Did you have to ask to look at these pieces?

Lesa said...

I want to snatch your necklace right off Take a look over at my blog, I just got one at an antique show that I love.

The skirt is beautiful too.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Divine necklace and the boots are fabulous:). Sounds like you had a fantastic time trawling through wonderful treasures! xo

Beth said...

I love the way camel and black look together- perfect.

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