Trial and Error : Pattern and Fabric Mixing / Choices / Update

If I can photograph an outfit from all sides, and it still looks good, I know it works. My mirrors lie to me, but my camera never lies!  The old girl has values ;)  This outfit seemed like it would look great ( in theory) and I was excited to wear it, but the proportions were a bit off for my body type. ( I have a wide top and a narrow bottom.) I like the top, and even kept the original belt attached. I liked the mix of colors It was the style of each piece that could have been better. The satin was a bit shiny for the look I was going for,though it drapes beautifully. The skirt was too narrow, but I still like the pattern mix. I paired the pieces with some hard, chunky wood accessories and tough gladiator flats for a more ethnic feel, but next time, I'll skip the satin!

I actually rolled my hair with rollers! This used to be my usual. A curly up-do with a clippy! ( W/O the scarf )
See what I mean? Oh well, live and learn ;)
This photo was the most flattering, but I'm all about the honesty ;)

This blogging thingy has certainly been making me take a look at my choices (fashion or otherwise), and has brought me to some conclusions that I may or may not be comfy with.

1. What works for one person may not work for everybody. Example: Toddler attire is not flattering on me.
2. My body isn't as fit, nor as photogenic as it used to be. (though when I'm 70, I'll look back at this and smile) Most of you guys can't even imagine being in your 40's! Tee, Hee! It will happen.
3. I tend to look best in age-appropriate ( I cringe as I say this ) outfits. Now, before you smack me, hear me out! I will ALWAYS be willing to try out new trends, but I may save my chunky clogs for a simple look, instead of pairing them with a tutu, like the younguns do so well.
4. I have big boobs and a small, flat butt. So, to look my best, I need to create balance between the top and bottom. I am a D cup. I deal with it. Oh, to have small, perky boobies....
5. I can take what I need and leave the rest. Example: Just because I like the Forever 21 mannequin's look, it may look like a Halloween costume on me.
6. Stay true to your inner voice! Example: When I put on an outfit, it's O.K. to leave off say, 2 or 3 accessories and still look like I make an effort. Or, on the flip side, it's O.K. to drown myself in them!
7. It's O.K. to be my age and to be a crazy cat lady! ( Cringe )
8. Risk taking is a good thing. I always learn something.
9. Age is all a mind-set,( Cringing again ) and with age comes wisdom, nothing more. I am wising up and realizing what I look good in and what I don't.
10. Being a saged chick means that I can still be me, without the need to try too hard. As a matter of fact, the harder I try, the more insecure I end up looking ;)
Disclaimer: These opinions are subject to change at any minute ;)
Have a great weekend !!!

Is it O.K. to let other's know when a blogger is sending out malware and spam ???
I just went to a blog which I used to visit all the time and my wonderful computer warned me that
this site contains MALWARE ! No wonder I have been getting so much spam lately ! That sucks !


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Reva, this is a great post. I think your advice and list can be applied to ladies of any age, and I think it's a bit sad that the blogging world makes me feel like a saged woman a lot of the time.

Oh and I think a quick personal e-mail to anyone whose blog is spamming is absolutely acceptable.

Congrats on reaching 70 followers! I'm still sitting pretty in the 30s, what's your secret?

Vintage Vixen said...

Fantastic advice and a gorgeous outfit. Your hair looks particularly lovely today, Reva. xxx

gina said...

Quite interesting to read your reflections. I want to be a crazy cat lady!!

Dating some in his 40's (though just barely) has made it easier to imagine being in my 40's myself. Hanging out with him and his friends (most of them close to a decade older than me) has made getting older seem a lot more fun than I used to think. Plus, there's the added benefit of pretty much always being the youngest person in the room, which is not always as much fun as I would have imagined, had I thought about such a thing.

I don't really think about dressing age appropriate and I hate those dress-your-age articles that tell me not to ever ever ever wear certain items because I'm over 30. Nevertheless, as I get older, I do find myself more frequently wearing outfits (and even incorporating trendy items into them) in ways that would be considered "age appropriate."

gina said...

PS Love the outfit! Great pattern mixing.

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