On Being Versatile / I am so Honored !

Thank you, Thank you very much !
to Maria, of Texas Love,Life and Fashion, for passing this award to me!
Maria is one of my BBBB's ( Bestest Beginning Blog Buddies ) and it has been so neat to watch her grow and become a Very veratile fashion blogger who is up for any challenge, and  does so many things so well !
Check her out, She is beautiful and awesome ;)

I admit, I looked up the meaning of Versatile before posting my thanks, and here's what I got:
Versatile: 1. Changeable.
2. Competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another.
3. Flexibility; good at or familiar with many things.
4. Able to move freely in all areas.
I likey! And agree that I too never sway from a fashion challenge, especially at 46 ;) I love to mix things up and hate to get stuck in a rut. I am willing and enjoy trying new things, whether through the creativity of fashion, or anything that may cross my path through this journey through my ever-changing life, and hope I add my personal style stamp to trends .O.K, Enough tooting my own horn ;)

So, Here are 7 random things about me ( as per the rules)
Many of you pretty much know all there is to know about me, as I tend to over-share, so I will try to come up with some new ones. Hmmm.... Let's see.....
1. First, I am gonna steal one from Maria, I have never had a professional pedicure, as once I had a mani, which I wore to California, and they started to grow out, and I couldn't get them off. Ohhh, The pain! It practically ruined my honeymoon :) Not to mention the non-stop digging and pulling nearly drove Hubs crazy!
(At the nails, you dirty little girls ;)
2. I can be very out-going, but am really unsure of myself and the image I put out there for all to see is sometimes a mask to cover my insecurity. I can actually be very fragile at times ;)
3. I used to be a car salesman. Really.
4. I am terrified of spiders. Even little bitty ones. I imagine them crawling into my mouth at night while I sleep.
5. I wear "Age Defying Lift " bras.
6. I bought a tutu this past spring , and I like it. A lot. Oh Yes, all in good time ;) ...........
7. I prefer wearing men's tightie-whitie's. I wear them all the time. 
These weren't the most interesting ones, but I believe they are all new ;)

And now to pay it forward:
1. To SomeonelikeYou, a bashful, teenage girl who has so much talent not only in her style, but her photo's are awesome. I see her as the next "big-time" blogger!
2. To Beth, @ refashionrecyclereuse, a very classy gal who can turn a vintage couture piece into something new and exciting while maintaining her true sense of style.
3. To Vintage Vixen, @vinatgevixon.blogspot.com, who's awesome style blows my mind. A lady who has captured my heart. Her creativity is ever-changing while maintaining her classic vintage style!
4. To Kathryn, @schoolmarmstyle, another BBBB, who I have watched evolve and create her true sense of style, while playing with trends and rocking them to fit her personality. She is awesome :)
5. To Gina @ clothesinteralia, who takes a corporate look and puts a spin on it to create a very individual look and a sassy twist to simple basics, yet another BBBB!
6. To Weesha @weeshasworld.com, an awesome designer and stylish babe who knows the true meaning of self-love.
7. CalamityJem, a kick-ass thrifter and hand-sewing magician who never fails to amaze me at her booty-looty!
There are so many more I could pass this on to, as I feel each and everyone of us bloggers are, and must be verastile, willing to move freely and open to change. I salute you all, and feel that everyone who reads this little piece of my world is "Competent in many areas, and able to turn with ease from one thing to another." (Webster's)
Today's Outfit:
And of course I had to post an outfit. Pretend the lighting is perfect. It was nearly dark, but I got this skirt for 2 bucks , knowing I had seen it somewhere before, and sure enough, the tag said XXI. Ah, Ha!
Plant and yard lamp: my neighbor's.
The print reminds me of a vintage table linen or curtains.
I absolutely love these Ked's shoes,with the ankle strap no less, but they will be hitting the by-bye pile as they wore blisters on my heels :(
Skirt:thrifted, Tank: BVD (my favorites as they have higher neck-lines), Keds: thrifted, Cardi: Old Navy, Beads: World Mkt. Earrings: mine from the early 80's (silver birds)  Hair: rain-soaked.


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Thanks so much for the award, Reva! You definitely deserve it.

That skirt is so much fun, I'm absolutely coveting it!

JordanMayTwigs said...

This skirt is tooo adorable.
It defos looks like an vintage print.

And congrats to everyone that Reva passed this award onto.
You're all very special ladies.



Vintage Vixen said...

Congratulations on the award, Reva. You really are a versitile blogger, witty, stylish, great photos and an amzing person.
Love the facts you've shared and your waist looks so tiny in that pretty skirt.
Thanks for tagging me! Vix xxx

Beth said...

Congrads on the award and thanks for passing it on. Coming from you that is such a high compliment. I consider you one of the most stylish bloggers that I follow and one of the inspirations for my blog and outfits I wear in general.

CalamityJem said...

Dear Reva,
Thank you very much for the tag :)
I love the cheerful floral print on your skirt, you simply can't beat a good floral print in the summer.
For some obscure reason my mind is wandering into autumn already, perhaps because I've bought a few rather autumnal bits & pieces from the car boot sales of late.
I'm more of a autumn fashion fan anyway, I like layering too much to be entirely happy with the thin monolayer look that summer requires, not to mention having to put my blindingly white log legs on display for all the world to see...oh, the shame ;)
Take care my sweet,

gina said...

Great skirt! Congrats on the award, and thank you for passing it on to me! I've been a bit behind on my blog reading.

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