Hippified Cargos

I like to veer away from the usual tank and shorts combos in the summer, and sundresses, though I really love my dresses and skirts, I wanted to wear something a bit different. I saw the scarf top on one of my  favorite bloggers, and decided to give it a go. Though not something I'd wear to work, unless underneath a jacket or cardi, it felt nice and cool for errands. The scarf did want to rise, and I had to make sure to keep it pulled down. Next time, I will pin it to my bra somehow. I kept the tip of the scarf over my belly button to give it a more "grown-up" look. I wore a flesh-toned strapless bra to keep the girls in place ;)
Paired with cargo pants gave it a more sporty vibe ( I think)
The vintage bass shoes are mine! Originally from 1976. I found the pink floppy at Family Dollar for 3 bucks.
Notice the rise ? Cotton ma have been a better scarf choice. Note to self: safety pins or duct tape ;)
Cuff: F21, Vintage pearls as choker, Big hoop earrings: Claire's.


... said...

you look so hot, love the kerchief top and the hat!

Anonymous said...

Perfect summer outfit! I love it and it shows off your hot bod!!

Lady Cardigan said...

Reva, you look great! I love your hat.

CalamityJem said...

Great summer outfit Reva!
Scarves are so versatile & make lovely impromptu sun tops.
I also love your hat, I'm really into the floppy hats at the moment & yours is in a perfectly summery colour too.

QueenDiva said...

I am jumping in to repeat what the others are saying. You look smokin hot!!! look at you at that hot little waist... My new fav...

Vintage Vixen said...

Fabulous! I love the scarf top, the floppy hat and the sandals...in fact, just about everything!

Beth said...

I love this look. I may have to copy it too.

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