Red Accessories

I am an accessory nut. That goes for scarves, sarongs and hats of all kinds, so when I saw this Old Navy sheer summer scarf on clearance, it had to be mine! I also liked the pop of orange and gray in it. The thin,cotton sweater was another Old Navy find for less than 2 bucks, Skirt, also less than 2, and the cherry were these thrifted Steve Madden espadrilles for 2 as well. Score! The scarf actually cost more than the entire outfit. I added a red bra for my inner vixen. It peeped out just right. I hardly wear my trendy red glasses anymore, so I thought they deserved another whirl. Ta,Da. We won't discuss the cost of the recycling bin. To PAY to recycle! What a bunch of hooey ;)
Notice my "voyeur" in the upper right corner? Neither did I !

ALSO !!!
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A terrific blog !


JordanMayTwigs said...

I could never pull off red very well.
I've got too much of a Green Understone.
Even more so since I've gotten REALLY tan this summer.

I got a chance to wear my "vintage wallpaper dress" and my Mui Mui heels last night.
But no picture's were taken at the party I went to :(

Hope all is well.
I miss you!!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Reva, those red specs are awesome!! I've never worn a watch and I'm positively lusting after yours, it's divine.
You have to pay to recycle? That's mad!
Vix xxx

... said...

the shoes are my fave part of this outfit, they're perfect for summer!

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