Watch Where You Step

TIP : When at a rest-stop, AVOID popping off your photos near the Dog Walk area. I learned the "soft" way!
I picked up this silk, hand-made dress at a thrift shop for $3 bucks. I love the flowy, angled cut of the hem and since it is a gazillion degrees in Cincy, the no-skin-touchiness is a bonus. Really glad I had on boots, though ;) Boot: thrifted. Beret: F21.
The seatbelt wrinkles were attractive.
Anybody got a pooper-scooper ?
Really !


Vintage Vixen said...

The print and the shape of that dress are just divine, Reva. The pendant really elongates the shape of you body, too. Cool but stylish as ever!
Boots are an essential in a field. I've worn mine car booting this morning, far too much sheep poo for sandals!


Pretty dress, love the fact that it is silk. Stay cool in the heat darlin'

JordanMayTwigs said...

I like the look of the dress with the boots.


Disco Goth said...

That dress is beautiful, what a lucky find! =)

Style Odyssey said...

cute, breezy summer dress. great print.
thanks for finding my blog today. nice to "meet" you!

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