First, I'd like to say Happy Fourth to each and everyone of you guys !!!
I am very proud to live in a country where I can wander this beautiful land with freedom. Where I have a voice, and where I am not starving or persecuted because of my belief system, or the simple fact that I was born a woman. This is truly a gift and I live in gratitude for the sheer "luck" of being born in a little mid-western town in rural Kentucky. I also am feeling really sappy today, and want to say thanks to all the lovely people who are following me on my mid-life journey. The WW40 is just a bit of tongue-in-cheekiness, and my dry sense of humor and ability to laugh at myself. After all, I'm not really saving lives or anything. That's another freedom I am grateful for - the ability to be myself, flaws and all, and still not feel "judged" by Blogdonia (at least by my BBB"s, (Bestest Blog Buddies)! Though, on Weardrobe, someone said I looked like the Kardashian Mom! A compliment? Hmmm.....
We are all different. And I'm damn glad! What a boring and insane world it would be if everyone were like me! Yikes, the notion gives me chills!
I have noticed the average American does one of 3 things on this particular holiday:
1. Has a cook-out.  2. Does massive amounts of lawn work, left over from spring.  3. Goes to Disney World. I prefer the latter!!!
Today we are in a full-on "heat advisory" in Cinti, which means watching re-runs of Greatest American Hero on Sci-Fi til after 7pm, at which time, we can start up the grill, lawn mower and get gas if we want! I usually don't do strapless, but the holiday weekend made me feel a little sassy. I still don't do it well. And in honor of being an American, I am wearing a pair of Liz Claiborne "Elephant Ear" pants. Who knew Liz was so cool ! I've got my vintage red/white striped scarf on my head, and some vintage beads and a bracelet from another great American institute, the Antique Mall ! I doubled the strand to make a choker. Guess I'll go eat some hot-dogs now! 
Vintage Cat-eye Sunnies, Top, Charlotte Russe,thrifted.
I REALLY like these pants ;) - Plus they have friggin' pockets !!!
P.S. I miss you, Daisy :)
Have a great day!


SomeoneLikeYou said...

Love the floral pants! So unique and such an utterly stunning shape!

Ugh...I'm so jealous of your cat eye sunglasses, too! I have been on the hunt for a pair for seemingly a long and endless time... Someday I will find the perfect pair!

P.S. ANYTHING with pockets becomes an instant favorite for me! These pants are no exception.

Lady Cardigan said...

Hey, at first I thought you were wearing a skirt! I love your outfit. You look great - as always.

I'm on a semi-break from blogging and commenting for the summer, but still kind of around when I can be...

Maria said...

These pants look so great on you. I love the pattern and I really love the top you paired with it. Go Reva!

Vintage Vixen said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love those pants so much and the way you've tied that scarf in your hair, very chic.
It's just great how you Americans celebrate 4th July, us Brits aren't in the least patriotic (unless it comes to football) and our bank holidays are mainly spent getting drunk.

RenaTsan said...

Love the hat outfit so perfect for you!!!!!!!!!!

Helga! said...



Love the cat glasses and this outfit is very pretty!
The hair scarf is the ulitmate for me, LOVE...
You must tell us how you tied that baby up...It looks classy!
Girl you should start a fashion site for the over 40 crowd! That I would join!

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