Black, Pastels and How to tie a Headscarf

I really miss my black, so I am color blocking it with pastels. The bag is one of my first vintage buys, and one of my favs. Still rocking the new sandals, berets and giantic earrings. It's really too hot for a scarf, but I wanted a pop of something to complete the outfit. Anything for fashion ;) Random prop: lemonade.
I'm so innocent pose ;)

P.S. Blogger is driving me nuts tonight!!! Stupid layout re-do's! If it ain't broke, don't try to make it worse ;)

I was gonna do a video, but I hope this will work!
I tie mine this way a lot to avoid having the knot/bow on top.
I start with a long one. I have an up-do also. Like a messy bun, etc..
1. Start underneath, 2. pull up and twist a couple times, 3. pull length down , 4. I then tie a knot a bit
off to the side (so u can see it), 5. Sometimes, i double knot it, if it seems still too long. 6. You can rearrange
it if needed and pin with bobby's, or just let it go! I also poof up my bun and make it messy for height.
Don't worry about making them perfect!
I am not wearing make-up. I'd only do this for special people ;)
Ta, Da! So easy. I'll post how I do really fat and long ones next week!
Have a terrific weekend !!!


JordanMayTwigs said...

I am really loving those sandels.
I've got to go find a dress for my friends wedding in two weeks.
I really need to figure out what type of dress to wear.
I've got no clue as to what I want to wear.......

I'm off to the beach today to ponder upon this.



Muah!!! Thank you for the how to! :-)
Aha, darlin' you look mavalous!
You have the most beautiful skin, wow! Not that you wouldn't, most people don't look like themslves without make up, you look beautiful.
My mother used to tell me "Make up is for ugly people" Needless to say I wore and wear a lot of make up. She never wore or wears make up. Ha, Ha... She has a way with words.
Got lost in a moment, sorry!
I love the black and the punch of color.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I LOVE your thrifted purse - and your eclectic fashion sensibilities!

I'm a no-good thrifter, I can't ever find the right shops to go to or the pieces that are NOT falling apart or just plain ugly.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Your earings are so pretty! I don't have my ears pierced, and I need to take the plunge. I always want to wear big, pretty, and dangle-y ones like these! Clip earings just aren't cuttin it lately...

Hey, and I think you look fantastic without makeup! So many women in society today believe that they cannot be beautiful without makeup, and that's a total misconception. It's actually proven that men think women are MORE beautiful without all of makeup caked on. I love seeing people's natural beauty, If only the teenage girls I know could see that they don't need to look like racoons to attract the opposite sex!

Rhianna said...

great tutorial!!!

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