Easy, Breezy, Kinda Cheesy

We've been living in thunderstorm alley this week. I am still in my "simplify things up" mood. Spending time cleaning , re-decorating and removing a lot of  "stuff" that has been weighing me down. My outfit reflects said mood. I got this jumpsuit, jumper, romper, (one-piece wearing object) while seeing the softer side of Sears back in June. I'm still not sure if I like it. The material is kinda shiny and slicker-like, though it does have pockets. That's why I always keep my tags and receipt, just in case. This may be one of those just-in-cases! I was gonna use a bright scarf as a belt, my original intention, but I just wasn't feeling it. Thus a boho scarf from Payless. Ta,Da. Easy Breezy and kinda Cheesy! Not sure where that came from, but it rhymes ;)
Sandals: Targei' (old) - Cardi: Old Navy - Beret: F21 - Necklace: Sears.
WW40 Update: I am still bombarding Weardrobe, but with less vigor. Defeated? Nah! Ever let go if something for a while, and then it happens? We'll call it my Zen approach ;) I am still going for "the shot" though. It will be mine, Oh Yes, it will be mine!
Here comes the rain again !


Lesa said...

You give color to black and white. Love the scarf as a belt and the necklace.

Hope you have some kitty cat fur on all that black..lol.

Beth said...

I love the tulip shape on the bottem of the leg on this jumper/romper/onsie/whatever. Sears, amazing?

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Okay, you got this jumper at Sears? Wow! That seriously surprises and impresses me. I've yet to find anything at Sears, but this gives me newfound hope!

I really love the classic black and white combo you have going on here! Some people shy away from black in the summertime, but not you fearless Reva! Always the one I look up to for daring fashion inspiration :)

I've gotta laugh and have the same feelings as you trying to get a photo picked for sites like Weardrove and Chictopia. It always seems like they pick the most odd and unsuspecting photos of mine! Keep at it: I know you'll get it!

Oh, and I have been thinking about heading down to Cinncinati for a little college tour. It's on my list of hopeful "to visit places!"

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I just discovered you on Weardrobe, and had to come check out your blog. Am now a follower. -Bella Q

Helga! said...

hey foxy lady!!Looking fab,as usual!!

Vintage Vixen said...

You wear black so beautifully, Reva. I've got a black harem all-in-one somewhere, you've inspired me to dig it out and give it another chance.
Loving the hair and the slouchy hat, you look ready for Glastonbury in that number.
Vix xxx

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