White T dress #2 and logo T's

Happy Monday ! I've started the week off in comfort with my T-shirt dress thingy, except this time, I added leggings. As I have mentioned my secret love affair with Drag Depp, he is hidden close to my heart beneath white dress/tank thingy. I admit I have had a love affair with logo T's forever, but I really try hard to stick to original concert T's, though when the "vintage" rock T's resurfaced, I bought into them whole heartedly. The Vintage Gods were rolling over in their graves. After all, I worked in a shop that had them hanging all over the walls. How could I resist? Then came the lovely art graphics. I fell especially hard for the Asian and Indian images. Ahh, then the watercolors from Old Navy. I still have some with tags attached !  Anyhoo..... My week is gonna be a full one. My Mother-In-Law will be here and I will have an actual model to shoot (with my camera, you scoundrels!). I will be very busy and am trying hard not to get too stressed before the week even starts..... So wish me luck and here come the over-flow of images ;)  My ten-second-tri-pod workout was paying off!............... I was digging the shoot ;)  How would you wear this tank dress next time ?
And I'm Spent ........


Vintage Vixen said...

What a lovely summery outfit, Reva. You look very chilled in it.
I'd pair it with vintage flares, a waistcoat, a floppy hat and a 70's pendant necklace but then I'm an old hippy! xxx

Disco Goth said...

I always think pale blue is tricky but you're pulling it off really well here =)

minnja said...

lovely outfit!


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