For the Love of Cowgirls

Wear the hat, don't let it Wear you .......
I like seeing the fall trends leaning toward the Vintage Cowgirl, or the Urban Cowboy ? Anyhoo, I really like the pairing of Cowgirl hats and boots floating around as of late. Kinda makes my statement hat trendy. You all know how much I love my hats, but the Cowboy always makes me feel kinda rowdy. Kinda girl meets grunge metal, pop open a beer, grab a dress and jump in a T-bird feeling. Plus, for some reason, this hat flatters my head. Make sense? I am visualizing different ways to incorporate this hat into all kinds of outfits. How about an 80's power-jacket over a strapless jumper with a cowboy hat? Kidding ;) Or am I ???
Pink over-all shorts: thrifted. T: Old Navy. Boots, Belt and Hat: thrifted. Aviator's: Dollar store, Yee, Haw!
"Real" cowgirls break their hats in like a new pair of shoes. I actually don't do horses. They get their bluff in on me right away and usually throw me, or run me into a fence. They snicker and run away.
I always seem to need to touch it. Also, I just picked up some new followers today, Yipee! Or should I say Yee,Haw! Hi, guys, so nice to meet you!!! I love comments and as you will see, I am a mish-mosh of styles and trends, all shades of colors and dress to suit my mood of the day, but I love hats. All kinds. WW40 is my attempt to be the first featured blogger over 40 on Weardrobe, So you will get updates. A lot.

For the love of the Cowboy Hat:
Hippy Kai-Yai-Yay !!!


Vintage Vixen said...

You look stunning in your cowboy hat and tough boots and I love all the outfits.
If I had to make a choice it would be the floral smock dress, it makes you look so carefree and bohemian and that's you to a tee.
I scored some fabulous cowboy boots yesterday, me in flats! You are an inspiration, Reva! xxx

Maruschka said...

like your blog, very cool!
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