I'm being held against my will .......

Gotcha ! However, these crazy "comments" keep popping up on my blog! At first, it started with simple ads for creams, or vitamins. Delete. Delete. Then came the ones for "male enhancement". Do I really look that much like a dude? Then, straight-up Viagra spam ! I swear, I haven't been researching Viagra. Wonder what the Hubs is up to?...... And the last one said ,"Help me, I am being held against my will by Russian spies".... and a half page of internet lingo I didn't understand. What The.... It was kinda clever (if we were still in the cold war era), but nonetheless annoying. Ever happen to you, too ?  Anyhoo, my outfit is a thrift store Hot Damn! find. A jumper/romper in a size 13! Which by "vintage" standards is a pretty roomy fit. The boots were also thrifted, (Nine West) and the lovely pre-owner even had shoe tissue still in them! Score! I must admit, I felt a bit like I'd stepped directly out of the Sears and Roebuck catalog circa 1980-something. The straw fedora pulled the outfit into "blog-worthy" attire and I didn't feel so costumey, though at the grocery store, I got plenty of looks from the ladies in shorts, flops and tanks. Am I turning into a blog-ad ? I admit, I felt out of place, and may need to start carrying a lap-top to the store with me ;)  Maybe I should have cards printed ? Or, just a sign I can wear on my back. "Blogger on Board" !
Could this be the WW40 shot ? Fingers crossed ;) It has all the features necessary : Actual vintage,
Covered buttons, and shoulder pads in tact! (This was very hard for me to do)
I actually like the feeling of this romper/jumper. Easy and Breezy.
I can't wait to wear it with tights and lots of layers this fall. How would you accessorize this romper to make it appear less "dated" ? 


Vintage Vixen said...

What a find! Love this playsuit on you so much, Reva.
I wear mine with coloured opaques and heeled ankle boots during the winter, although it's a faff when I go to the loo, unbuttoning the darned things and getting chilly.
I'm getting loads of spam in the email account - Nigerian ambassadors leaving their fortune to me, US soliders needing assistance, just send my bank details and the world will become a safer place...no way, Jose!
Have a good day xxx

Helga! said...

very cute,Ms Funky Reva!!
I'm getting loads of bloody spam lately too.Pests.

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