Headwraps and Big Earrings

I seem to be in a red mood as of late. Maybe because I recently thrifted a bunch of 2 dollar items on half-price day at the thrift store! It seemed everything was mixing and matching this faded barn red. I am wearing the earrings my Hubs bought me at the fashion show. I told you they were really big! Giant earrings seem to fit  my head-scarf craze. I was gonna post pics on how I wrap them, but got lazy. I promise to do it tomorrow. I do them a bit differently, as not to have the bow on top of my head. More will be revealed!
Skirt: Columbia,thrifted - Top: thrifted $2 - Clogs: Merona,thrifted $3.oo. Scarf: Target.
Aren't they whoppers ?

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Love, Love the earrings. Looking forward to the scarf tie, my bows are always on top... You'll see, ha, ha!
Anyhoot, I have been on a clog splurge, so glad you are wearing them. Love clogs!

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