Roll with the Rock

Ever feel like the dude, Sisyphus,who is forced to roll a big rock all the way up a hill, only to almost get to the top, when the stone rolls all the way back down again? He is destined to do this for eternity, For what crime or mis-step I am not aware, however the point of the legend, according to Homer, was that it's in the rolling of the rock that his power is evoked, not the actual "making it" to the top! At first, this is the goal of Sisyphus, the "end", the "top", where he will finally be finished. But each time he is forced to begin again, he learns the true meaning of life. Enlightenment. It's all about the journey. I too feel like this guy. As soon as one tough journey seems to be ending, another one pops up and hits me in the gut all over again. One of my favorite bloggers tends to speak in analogies, which apply directly to her life and yet are vague enough to maintain her privacy. Though I never know what's really going on with her, I still feel as if I do, and support and cheer her on as if I am right in the thick of her life. Well, I'm trying to come up with some "analogy speak" to let you guys know that things aren't O.K. in my life as of late. I still enjoy fashion and blogging, but also have a monumental Rock going on right now as well. I really don't know why I feel the need to share my personal stuff, and please ignore it if you want, as this is a fashion blog. Needless to say, Same Day, Different Rock! Anyhoo, I get nostalgic when faced with real life stuff, and this outfit is a cozy reminder that there is a fun, sunny place where flippies and hippies flow, and where it's cool and sometimes necessary to wear a really big cross around your neck. I bought this top at Dot's many moons ago, and it is made by a company called "Rag". This label is in a lot of Dot's cotton stuff. I wear it when I'm at the beach, and the skirt is an Old Navy swimsuit cover. The flippies are also Old Navy and made in India. The giantic, celtic cross is a thrifted one and one of my first thrifts back in the early 90's(ish).
Late in the evening the sun sets so quickly, you can almost see it moving in the photos.
This outfit is so old, but very comforting and reminding me that the sun will rise on a new day and that the ocean waits for me with sand, sunsets and hope. What I wear is in direct proportion to my moods!
What do your outfits invoke ? Sometimes (for me) a mask, sometimes confidence, sadness, power, a rebellious mood, and sometimes just wanting to venture outwards and try something new! This outfit is saying "chill-out", heavy stuff comes and goes. it's not the load that breaks you, it's all in how you carry it :)
Did I vague things up for ya? ;)


Vintage Vixen said...

You look beautiful, Reva. I'm so sorry for your current difficulties,I found sharing things on my blog helped me tremendously. It's hard battling on when everyone around you is living life normally, it's like being trapped in a surreal bubble. My thoughts and love are with you. I hope things get sorted soon.
If I'm feeling glum I go for the brightest and most outlandish colours.
Your smile is radiant. xxx

gina said...

What a lovely top. I started reading your post, thinking your analogy was directly related to your photos, and I was thinking "I too always have trouble keeping these off-the-shoulder tops off my shoulders!"

I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling right now. Here's hoping that your troubles will pass soon, and that you'll come through them with grace and be changed for the better.

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