Selling Out

Why do you blog ? Is it your personal diary of outfits you come up with, or are inspired to create, Thanks to other blogger's neat ideas ? Do you really care who follows you, or is the "journey" it's own reward ?
For me, it started as an outlet to hopefully share my creativity with others. A creative outlet. Pretty simple, really. And it keeps me thinking in creative ways. I see clothes as an expression of who I am. Somedays, how I feel. This outfit would be considered "age appropriate". I must admit, I feel sexy in a slim skirt and sky-high heels. However, I hate ageism ! If someone saw me on the street, they may not know that I love grunge, and am a bohemian hippie chick. So, this outfit could be considered a "costume" for the perception that I needed for the day. I need a job!!! And, I broke a tooth on a cherry pit last night, and desperately need a dentist appointment A.S.A.P!!! So, I am wearing my " I can afford this crazy bill you are about to hit me with!" look. Am I selling out? Absolutely!
Scarf: Vintage - Skirt: thrifted - Shoes: 9 West,thrifted - Necklace: Vintage.
Workin' It !
Middle ring: Vintage Avon.
Gratuitous Booty Shot.
70's Cameo bracelet.
Oh Yeah, and I had to renew my driver's license! This can be very disturbing, as Ohio keeps the photo on file,
thus you can't say you "lost" them to get another photo!
(2006)                    ( 2010)
Remind me to NEVER wear medium brown again! I look like I'm on a transplant list! And possibly drunk.
This year's was much better. Black never fails me ;)



Vintage Vixen said...

How on earth can a print as glorious as that be called selling out? Stunning, my dear!
I wish I could show my Passport photo, it makes the guys at the airport laugh out loud.
Good luck with the tooth.

Beth said...

I don't think wearing clothing to extend a particulair image is selling out. I think that is one of the fun things about fashion. They are the costumes that let you write the scene, or at least have a say.

You look fabulous as always.

Sarah said...

This is a great print and definitely not selling out. Fashion is expression and there is often overlap. I think that as long as you are not wearing something that is all pure trends the you are not selling out. Fashion is all about what you like whether or not anyone else does. I love your blog and I think it is wonderful!


I agree with the above commenters. Not a sell out look at all.
I actually own those Nine West corporate lady shoes, from my coporate days! So, maybe I'm biased. Tee, hee, hee.
I love the look, I think it's pretty fierce!
Strut Girl, you may get a little discount at the dentist office, work it! ;-)

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