Sheer, Scarves, Shorts, Sandals and Sunsets ( In that order )

The title says it all! Though I didn't mention they are vintage sandals. It just didn't have the same flow. These Bass sandals I snagged out of my Mom's closet were the PERFECT sandals ever! Til I took them off and the sole had practically all but disappeared due to dry rot :( Oh, well, they had one more good day in the sun! I am actually considering having them resoled. I swear, they were PERFECT! I thought the bottom was wood. Nope. Not wood. Plastic. From the 70's. I'm still reeling. Really.

Anyhoo, I learned a new term, blog trolls. I thought they were people who "trolled" the net, having a looksie at blogs, but never commenting. Ah, the bliss of ignorance. Then I saw a comment by "Anonymous" on a terrific blog that was uncalled for. I hate mean people. I try to think of cowardly, ignorant people as "special" , but they seem to be the ones who need to try to drag others down to make them somehow feel better about themselves. I try to ignore such types, but I am really sick of seeing energy suckers hurt people. I'm done now, I've already given "trolls" too much power already! Down to business: My outfit - Top: Targei', Shorts: Thrifted, Scarf: Targei', OOhhh, and the Vintage purse: Sturgis Antique Mall, Sandals: :( 70's Bass. Dead.
The sun was dancing all around me! Maybe it's a fairy ?
I've been practicing different photo techniques. I am beginning to like fill-flash, as long as I don't have on my glasses. (Glare). These images were taken with my old 3.1 Easyshare, then edited on my "good" cammy's tool. The only difference seems to be that when I crop, the image is too blurry. I got so wrapped up in trying to have the "perfect" image, I got worse! So I've stepped back for a while. 
My Mom grows the most beautiful hydrangia's in the world.
Weren't they perfect ?
My Brother. He has cucumber's in his pockets from Dad's garden! 


Anonymous said...

Oh I do love the head scarf on you,, super cute :)

Vintage Vixen said...

I love the headscarf on you, you hippy chic chick!
The bag is just glorious as are the shorts.
What a lovely picture of you and your bro, thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

I love the flowy tunic with the bermuda shorts. Great look. And of course the Rhoda scarf is AWESOME.


Reva, you look stunning in pix #2 Wow!
Thanks for the blog terminology... I wasn't sure what blog trolls were either.
Blog friend love xox

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