My Little Secret

I have a secret. To some "Fashionista's" a dirty little secret. Kinda like the Ugg. ( You all know you have a pair ). Kinda like wearing your PJ's to the grocery, ( You all know you've done it ). Sorta like wearing the same undies two days in a row. Well, not really. But I love flower-covered flip-flops. I have tons of them, and still wear them. Not just on Va-Ca, but on a regular basis. I know, I know, some might consider them a downright "fashion faux-paux".The official footwear of the buckeye on vacation. A staple in the trailer-park SWAG bag. ( Which, by the way, I'd love to live in a mobile home near the beach, and dream of having a Thelma and Louise T-bird, while pulling a bright silver Air-Stream across the country some day ). I'm sure my "cool" factor just dropped several notches somewhere in Blogdonia.
( Disclaimer; I actually have nothing against trailer parks, but these shoes remind me of something Joy, from "My Name Is Earl" would wear, one of the best T.V. shows ever cancelled. )
Ta, Da ! I originally thrifted these camo hunting pants while visit my parents, and planned on wearing them with a floral, flowy summer top, shoes undetermined, but saw the opportunity to pair them up with my girlie flippies instead ! The scarf is from Old Navy, the hat is from Land's End, bought on clx. while seeing the softer side of Sears ( for almost 9 years!). I actually have more money NOT working there, than when I did, as I bought sooo many clothes, at prices I couldn't resist. My flippies came from a shop on Hilton Head Island, SC, where most buckeyes go on vacation for some reason. Necklace is a watch I put on a chain.
Sunset photo op.
We had a storm that picked up this iron chair and slung it into the front yard today ! ( Photo Op!)
They kinda look like puffy house slippers ;)
Belt: thrifted, cloth. Tank: Hanes.
Hope your Week End is pink and puffy ;) Maybe some chunky sandals next time to re-claim my honor.


Maria said...

I am so guilty of going to the store in PJ's. Mostly in the middle of the night, when no one's around, but still. and I don't see anything wrong with uggs. They're comfortable! Maybe it's because I'm from Texas, but I love your flip flops. I love the ones with the flower on them too. I wear them around the house all the time. My only problem with them is that they make me accident-prone. It was because of them that I herniated a disk, and that I almost herniated another one yesterday. But if you have good balance, it's all good.

I think the way you paired them with the pants is great because it softens them a bit.

JordanMayTwigs said...

Your cool factor did not go down,
If anything it went up!!
For being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin enough to put yourself out there like that.
Congrats on that.

I love army pants.
I need a new pair.
I destroyed my other one's at a show a few years ago.

I went to the beach twice today....


Vintage Vixen said...

Reva, dear! I love how you've feminised those hard-core pants with the pink and floral flip-flops, very clever!
Uggs? Never!! I did once own some Birkenstocks, does that count as a guilty secret?

Lesa said...


Just don't end your Thelma and Louise vacation like they did!

Kel Ward Photography said...

You are too cute! I think we all break a fashion rule now and then. Just own it!

gina said...

The pink and the camo are cute together!

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