Bring It ! The 90's I mean ! Hey, kids, remember this old-fashioned gizmo ? It's a portable CD player, where you had to put one CD in at a time. A relic. I still wear this thing when I trim the honeysuckles. I've been reading about a 90's fashion come-back. Let's face it, I never really left. The grunge period was the best times of my life. Floral dresses with boot, ripped over-alls, and Indian jewelry. Leggings with cut-offs, though I never cared for flannel. the Hubs took care of that for me. It was a time of the Urban Hippie. The music was awesome, too ! My outfit really has nothing to do with the "period attire", but I really like wearing black . I have on a black sundress and my oversized T is from Targei'. I like the tie on the back.
I am listening to Soundgarden, and have my tude going on. My sandals finally arrived from Newport News and I give them an 8 out of 10 on the comfort scale, which is pretty good for me. A ten would be flippies.
I actually posted an outfit I wore today ;) as I'm usually a day behind. I can't wait to show you what I got last week :) .................
I just don't look as bad-ass with Bitty-Bitty in the background :)
 WW40 UPDATE !!!!
Calling all my comrads! On Sunday night at 10pm Eastern time, I will be posting a photo of me standing on my head! I will show ya on Sunday which one to "Like". If you support my efforts, pop on Weardrobe and hit the like icon on my photo! I bombarded them with tons of photos again yesterday! Here's to a successful campaign . Gorilla warfare seems to be my latest option, as a full-on assault seems to be pissing them off ;)
Have a great weekend !


CalamityJem said...

Check you out; you look AWESOME!
Have a lovely weekend.

Rhianna said...

Such a cute outfit! I love those shoes!

Vintage Vixen said...

Wow lady, those SHOES are just the best!
Have a great 4th July weekend.

JordanMayTwigs said...

I had a bit of a "Grunge" outfit on last night for my brothers birthday celebration.
I love grunge music.
Have you heard the new Dead Weather Album???


Beth said...

I ove your shoes and though I was not a big Sound Garden fan in the 90's- I do recall that the lead singer was sure a hottie!!!

Indiana Adams said...

Awesome shoes, Reva!
-Indiana@Adored Austin.


I'm a few days behind. I must say you do indeed look bad ass in Black, bitty and all! ;-)

gina said...

Great look on you!

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