How I Spend My Day; The life of a New Blogger

This is a typical day in the life of a woman who is "in between projects", or as most ordinary people call it "unemployed". Now if you're a wealthy gal, you're often called a Lady of Leisure. Sometimes you're a volunteer, or even an entrepreneur. Let's call me that big word, as I am taking on, and trying to become a photographer, who just happens to be in between projects ;) - This first image is pretty much raw. I believe every now and then it's important to document someone in their natural state. Kinda like in the bush, not the zoo. Sans airbrush and doing exactly what they like to do. These are the photos I enjoy taking (of other people, of course ;). There are so many photos I look back on which at the time, I thought were really bad, but when I view them years later, they don't seem bad at all and I'm glad I took them! This is a typical doing-my-thing outfit. Hat, glasses, camera and a smoke. Sorry, kids, I'm trying ! Kinda. Here's what I do usually on a good day. There are many exceptions, but this would be considered my ideal laid-back kind of day. I did visit another Vampire earlier in the A.M. as u can see by the oopsie gauze bracelet, but the rest of the day was fine as wine !
                                                        I read a few chapters of a self-help book. Not !
First: I hit the computer, and love to read comments. By the way, where the heck are you guys? I really dig comments and they get my day started off in a more creative and positive zone. Hint, Hint ;) I then start scanning the blogs for inspiration while chugging down a faux Boost and a handful of vitamins, etc...
I then rifle through my piles-o-clothes and find an outfit. These sandals are a newbie and will fit in well with the   tribal designs I am seeking out this week. Since I was vampired today, I thrift. This takes the sting out of any situation. Boy, I need to change my polish ..........
Here are my goodies and how I think when thrifting. I started in a green mood. First I hit the shoes, then it becomes a blur. 
Skirts and Dresses and Booties, Oh My !
I start with a color I want, and it goes from there! Green mixed with blue mixed with pinks mixed with..... Kinda scary, hey, but at 2 bucks a pop, Yipee!
I am currently in a pastel, cotton, oxfordish country girl mood, however I am leaning towards some Tribal-Inspired looks.  As seen here, at, these JbyLisa (Jewel By Lisa) designs, are killing me! They are sooo awesome!
Oooh, How I Love These ! Get to the thrift stores, ladies, or if you have the funds, hit Some are very pricey, while others are very reasonable, but a lot are already sold out :(
These are for you, Vix :) - After a thrift store bing, It's an addiction, don't judge me.... I shoot. A Lot.
And play a bit ;)
Is it time to eat already ? Then, last but not least, I pop off some outfit shots. Again, Play ;)
I move around the yard, looking for the best light and if I'm lucky, a sunset !
By the By, I knotted the tank right in the middle for a change and to add a bit of funk.
The rest of the evening is spent with my Hubs, editing and paroozing the blog world.
Usually, I am trying to figure out how someone gets a certain shot to look a certain way. Obsessively.
God , I need a job !!!
My Outfit: Tank: Sears - Skirt: Limited,thrifted - Sash Belt: Old Navy - Hat: thrifted - Pendant: Gift.


Lesa said...

Hi Reva!

Wow, didn't know you were so talented, I love the fence pics. When you mentioned tribal I turned up my newly pierced nose (yes, I did, and I don't care how old I am!) didn't think I would like tribal, but I loved your picks,especially the bag. My daughter (also with a newly pierced nose--some bonding a know?) Has a vintage bag that looks like that and she won't part with it as a book bag, have to keep sewing that sucker back up.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You've got quite the lot of shoes, doncha chica? And some very good ones! Looks like you keep your day full and fun. I hope your job, when you finally acquired one, doesn't impede on your good timess. You look fab by the way, and I agree, photos of life in a "natural state" age so much better than staged ones.

Vintage Vixen said...

Eeeek!!! For me! Wow, I love them so much!
I can't believe how many wonderful things are in this post and as I have to rush off in a minute I've just got time to say that I adore both the ethnic frocks and your hair in those pigtails. xxxx

Matchless Vision said...

I really enjoyed your latest posts, it seemed very down to earth and honest. The vintage collection of patterns and shoes was quite intriguing. I had a fun time visiting your page.

Weesha said...

ok, so this is my all time favourite post on you blog! You take amazing photographs, I didn't know you're so talented and I loved learning about your day. As a freelance graphics designer who is struggling in this economy. I admire that you're sticking to photography- at least you're getting work haha :) Oh and the tribal dresses are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I'm really digging some of those printed dresses. I can see myself wearing a couple of those with in June or July with my big glasses.

QueenDiva said...

well you already know I love dresses... just got a pair of booties i wore today... and then I also super need a job... we have so much in common...

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