Blogger Poses and a Hippie Top

Having a "Me" day means putting on a few layers of my favorite stuff and playing around with my cameras. This A.E. top is one of my favorites because of the print and the colors. I've paired it with jeans, shorts and long skirts, but decided to pop it over a cotton slip dress for a change. It seems that the summer is a down time in Blogdonia. Vacations are in full gear and the heat and haze make it pretty hard to throw on much of anything other than a bikini or sundress. While I was playing around my neighborhood this afternoon, I was a shiny liquid covered nut, especially after my Tri-pod work-out (patent pending). I did get a terrific flower from my pot plant (as my neighbor's call it). It is really a wild Hibiscus, but the leaves look very much like mary jane leaves :). Once the blooms get going, the doubt is over! It is awash with giant red bloomies as big as an infant's head. Here was my work-out today ;) My eyes are really puffy for some reason ? Anyhoo........
The "I wasn't ready" shot ;)
The coveted sunset shot.
The Row of poses.
The "I'm approachable" pose ;)
I really don't have a name for these, other than "What is she thinking with that hot-ass scarf on?"
The "Arstsy Shots" that I'm way too lazy to edit out the bra straps. Though my bun was groovin'.
The "I'm just a laid-back kind of gal" shot.
The accessory close-up.
The unexpected whimsical prop shot :)
The "Grandma's so proud of her flowers" pose and shot.
The " I have an extra good one and it really shows off the flower" shot.
And my latest favorite, the "Simply stand there with my pidgeon toes look."
Ohhh, I almost forgot! The "sexy, come-hither" WW shot ;)
Hope everyone is having a great week !


Calamity Jem said...

Dear Reva,
what a fab outfit!
The flower is stupendous, love it!
I've just started a giveaway that you might like to join in on.
It's for a floral mesh lace beadwork trim poncho, I think it's so great that I in fact bought two so that I could keep one myself, shameful ;)
Take care & I hope your tooth dilemma comes to a happy ending soon.
Lots of love,

Vintage Vixen said...

I adore that flower in your hair and the pretty dusky pink tones you're wearing.
It's very quiet here in the UK, it's the Industrial Fortnight, factories close and schools have just started their summer break. Perfect for driving anywhere and even better for jumble sales and car boots.

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