GRAIN FED COUNTRY GIRL / Denim and Florals

Ever have a day when everything seems to work out ? The outfit isn't anything special really , but You feel great in it , and you LIKE the photos you took , too ?

This was one of those special days for me . The wind blew my skirt up in just the right way , and I was feeling so happy that my pics caught the feeling.

I am finally taking the steps necessary to operate my "good" camera . Soon I hope to be able  to decide on less than 4 photos to post ! Remember, ADHD isn't cured in a day ! ( Really , that's my newest diagnosis ! )

Mossimo skirt, thrifted
Denim jacket, AK.
Scarf , Old Navy
Pendant, @bstract for Target
Boots , Banana Republic

I love this locket !  It was a Valentine to myself  ;)
I have broken my "no spending" rule a few times already !

These images were taken on my homeward bound trip. My parent's back yard is filled with good background areas. Lot's of shaded spots while enough light for popping off detailed shots. My Mom and I were getting ready to head out for thrifting fun. I am so glad that my Mom and I are great friends.

When I first arrived at my parent's house , I ate like a maniac , then slept for over 12 hours straight . After all, I was on Re-charge mode . My head had stopped spinning and the country life was beginning to flow through my veins again ! I was feeling like the grain fed country girl that I used to be ! Minus driving down the back roads in a T-bird , my Nikon in the back seat and a bottle of Miller Lite between my legs ! ( Yep ) - Fond  but sometimes Stupid memories ! I loved to drive to the Ohio river and sit and watch the sun set over the water . The sky was so big there !

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Maria said...

what a beautiful skirt! I'm great friends with my too. it wasn't always like that, but now she's my shopping buddy. Awesome outdoor pictures!

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