What's A Cowgirl to do With Nothing to Ride ?

Take Photos and listen to the Blues !

" I think I lost it "

" Let me know if you come a-cross it "

" Let me know if I let it fall along a back-road somewhere."

" Money can't re-place it "

" No Memory can erase it, "

" And I know I'm never gonna find another one to compare ."

" Give me some love to fill me up "

" Give me some time, Give me some stuff "

" Give me a sign, give me some kind of reason ."

" Are you heavy enough to make me stay ?
I feel like I might blow away "

" I thought I was in heaven, but I was only dreamin. "

" I just want to live the life I please, I don't want no enemies-
I don't want nothin , If I have to fake it.
Never take nothing don't belong to me,
Everything's paid for
Nothing's Free 
If I give my heart will you promise not to break it. "

" I think I lost it , let me know if you come across it.
Money can't replace it , No memory can erase it.
And I know I'm never gonna find another one to compare ."

Lyrics : Lucinda Williams

My outfit was inspired by Lucinda's Blues , and  getting my cow-girl on !  I  wore this hat to her concert in Knoxville ,TN in the beautiful Tennessee Historical Theater . I recently bought some floral leggings from Rue 21 and decided to layer them with a t-shirt night gown , tank, and cozy sweater. The necklace I made out of bits of old necklaces and a brass eyeglass necklace. I gotta say, I am Loving using my Canon Rebel ( thanks to Kasmira's photo tips and my resilience to keep on trying .  The first shots are in Auto mode ,  the more colorful ones are in custom mode 800 / 1000 ISO, shade setting . Thanks, Kasmira! ) The hat is from Target. The sweater was thrifted originally from the Limited.

Happy Weekend !


Maria said...

Very cool outfit. I love the floral leggings with a cowgirl theme. Oh, and your pictures are awesome.

Lady Cardigan said...

Your photos are great! I love the close-ups of the details. I also love your boldness in trying different things. Your confidence comes through and it is inspiring.

gina said...

Great hat! My boyfriend often wears a Stetson. I like the feathers on yours!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those tights. Great print. I love the colors of the whole outfit.

This outfit is very flattering on you.

Glam Girl said...

I love your floral leggins!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the entire outfit, but the leggings are my favorite! What a great look!

Anonymous said...

floral leggings + cowboy hat + pink = amazing!

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