C Y C L E  1 4 . 


My Predicted Winner.
She grew up in a religious cult and survived !
I watched the first episode last night, needless to say, Naduah had no problem with the make-over!

Who do you predict to win?

My fascination with this show started with a re - run fest during a surgery downtime. I was so interested in the photography, as I was the confused new owner of a Canon Rebel. But as the drama continued, I was hooked. I usually pull for the underdog or the girl with an obstacle to overcome. Then of course, all the beautiful locations and fashion are equally addictive !

Plus, I love Jay !
And the amazing photos!

I can't name all the models or which cycle is which, but the Bollywood episodes are my favs.

It's probably the extravagant accessories and sari's.



Lady Cardigan said...

Hi, Reva -- thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm glad what I said on the Already Pretty blog made sense to you (I wasn't sure how clear I was being).

I'm a fan of America's Next Top Model, too. Naduah looks like the winner already.

Have you ever watched any Bollywood movies? You can get some of them on DVD with English subtitles. I've seen a few, lots of fun. I'll be happy to follow your blog - thank you for following mine!

Ruta said...

That last photo is of Mercedes. I remember watching that cycle. I think it was like 5 or something, maybe.

I stopped watching the show ages ago but if I'm watching TV and it's on I'll watch for the phot shoots. I'm in love with the ideas for photographs.

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