The End-All , Be-All Dress !

My posts have no rhyme or reason. I am always a day or two behind, My style changes with my moods - like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get. I am still posting my Homeward Bound outfits and am already tired of them, but bear with me. My head is still swimming from all the inspirations I saw this weekend, all the cool commentaries I read , especially about blogger jealousy and self-image stuff. It's a whirl wind ride , this land of Blogdonia !

I got this dress from Targei' a few weeks ago and got it discounted another 10% past the 50% off due to a small tear that was mendable - Always ask! It has never failed me yet ! I thought this was the End -All , Be - All Dress of my dreams, only to find it isn't all that flattering. I love the print and the Flowy-ness of it , but it kinda hangs funny. Oh well, that's what I get for breaking my No Spendy rule so early !

 It even matches the cushions on my parent's porch !

I tried it with my go-to belt. The belt was slung too low. Had to go!

What to do ? Cover it with a jean jacket and ponder on it .
Any Ideas ?

I wore a burgundy tank and tights with my favorite boots from Banana Republic.
I am already missing my scarves!

Spike had no opinion.

 Oh well , Fashion isn't world-altering , life-saving stuff anyways, and tomorrow's another day!
I feel a Maxi Skirt fix coming on !!!


Irina said...

Loved the dress!
I'll try to post more in English on my blog... ;)

RETRO REVA said...

I will try to learn Spanish better!

gina said...

Oh, you have Spike and Drusilla! I think you mentioned that when I said I also had a Drusilla, but I had forgotten. Beautiful cat.

piglet said...

The dress is lovely, it looks vintage not from target!
I actually like it best in the first photos with no belt or jacket.

Kathryn said...

I looked at that dress a million times and eventually passed it by because of the low waist. I love that you paired it with burgundy. I personally like the look with the belt the best but would have tightened it a bit.
I usually don't like when a site play music without warning (it's hard to be stealthy at work that way) but you have Pearl Jam so I'm okay.

Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !... {^_^} ... said...

There is BEAUTIFUL LIFE in your blog !
All the photos are super !
Bravo for your garments' choices !
(I especially liked this Cow Girl Hat )

And one thousand for your words ...
Jean-Pierre MATTEI


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