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The words " Baby doll " or " Umpire Waist " have always made me shiver. "Skirt-as-a-dress" can even be a tricky monster , but I've learned a bit about how to make this look work, without people asking me when I'm Due. Thanks alot people! It's not polite to ask someone that anyway!
I have found that for someone like me, who sports a D cup and belly, I avoid pleats or elastic directly beneath the girls. Any high waisted look seems to work better if the fullness is kept to a minimum. A bigger belt will soften the fullness and hold down the fabric. Also, using electrical tape to hold down the dress also eliminates Pregger belly! Just tape some strips lengthwise close to the bottom of the dress ! It weighs it down !

My newest discovery is to wear thick elastic waist skirts instead of traditional babydolls. I wear them LOWER than my underarms. Wearing the elastic across the largest part of the breast actually makes the "dress" look better! I pin it in place with safety pins. The fabric needs to be silk or rayon to avoid the puffiness of cotton. Jersey is a great choice, too. I pull the skirt about an inch or two lower than my arm pit.

My girls seem to actually look small ! Yah! ( One of my body-image issues )

This skirt is silk and thrifted for 3 bucks. I like the tribal print and the boho vibe .
Paired with my new fav. locket from targei' , a long chain and groovy gold-toned earrings, my go-to black T, and fav. boots with no socks for a change!

I pinned a flower in my hair, and wore my big turquoise ring.
( Note the Big vein ? From wearing high heels on concrete for work ! Beware ! )

 Also, beware of hair color that says Ash or Cool. Now I gotta go get it re-done !
Nothing ventured , Nothing gained !

A vest is another way to keep the Pregger Look away!
Hope these tips are helpful !

Balls To The Wall !

Ramblings I am proud of :  I finally did it ! I did alot of reading commentaries , checking out other cool blogs and discovering new blogs over the past few days. I saw Another blogger calling it quits, another blogger who actually has a real photographer and stylist for Christ sakes ! I read about blogger envy and jealousy. You name it !  Well, suddenly I got the balls ( or steel ovaries) to write an e-mail to a large group site. I voiced my opinion , hopefully in a respectful way. I am getting so uninspired by all the sites who appear to be in it only for Money. For Fame and Notoriety. What has happened to the creative inspiration that was always available to the "regular" gal ? The inventive looks of so many talented people who are getting lost by the way-side because their photos aren't Magazine quality ? The looks I miss because they didn't get enough popularity "votes" or "points" ?  Because the look wasn't something that could be bought through an Ad link ?

My opinion is just that , an opinion. Is Fashion blogging a competition or an Inspirational community ?
I'd love to hear what you think . I don't "trash talk" others and to each his own , but I was and still am ticked.
I love to be inspired. I love great photos. I love trend-setters. I also can look past the "Glossy" and see the Creativity .  So, as in the card game "Euchre" , I just went Balls to the Wall !


Dirty Hair Halo said...

rad look today. i'm liking the flower.

i found those shoes on ebay for you, but they're a size 6/6.5 here:

don't know what your size is though. i've noticed forever 21 will sell out of something and put it back on their site, so it might pay to take a look every once in a while, especially with spring/summer florals being so prominent. good luck!

ps- i feel like a dork because i don't know what pistols and posies is!

RETRO REVA said...

It's another name for Gun's N Roses !
Thanx for the tip on the shoes. I'm a giant size 9. I really like your new photos, too by the way ! I am really digging the bed of nails !!!

RETRO REVA said...

by the way, you are so not a dork!

Maria said...

I really like the way you styled this. I don't usually buy long skirts, but this is a good idea. the jean vest looks good with it and I think it helps to bring the whole outfit together as one piece. By the way, I didn't know that those veins come from walking on heels. I have to reconsider my footwear now. My mom has them and I thought she just had bad circulation or something. By the way, Born and Sofft shoes are great if you're looking for comfortable heels.

Lady Cardigan said...

Reva, you're so cool! I agree with Maria about the vest - this outfit looks so great with that.

piglet said...

You accessories compliment the dress so well!

gina said...

I love this whole look! The skirt is beautiful, and I love how you're wearing it. Such a flattering look on you. The black shirt and boots and jewelry and flower (!) are great!

I tend to avoid empire waists for related reasons - make my girls look any smaller and I'll look like I have two holes in the middle of my chest. :-) I've been amazed to discover recently that there are some empire waist looks that work okay on my body. Really just goes to show that ANYBODY can wear ANYTHING as long as you do it carefully and make sure the individual pieces work well for you.

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