Religion and Fashion make clever bed fellows !  I saw this photo last year and have kept it since .  I'm sure you saw it too . Of course , first I rolled my eyes ( at the sign on the right ) , then I burst into laughter as this clever guy made his own sign !  Then , I thought , " I own a corduroy skirt ! "  I'm now wearing it ! After keeping it the original length for a while , I got brave, cropped and hemmed it . I like the result . It's originally from the early 70's with a very high waist . Normally , high waists scare me , ( it's a body proportion thing - my top is "heavy " , with a thick waist . But , paired with a simple white top I liked it . Plus , pockets good , and it's very full - giving my body an hour-glass illusion . I have a long , black cord skirt , too, but it hasn't struck my fancy to wear as of late .

I also like the 3 buttons and zipper on the waist . Sorry about the fill - flash , but boy has it been dreary !

I'd normally wear boots , but my double strapped Mary Janes were a nice change. I added a brown and pink scarf to break up the plain neckline , plus when you hit a certain age , turtle necks and scarves are your friend ;-)

RAMBLINGS :  Over the weekend , my creativity was waning , though I did a Sharpie Tight . My hubs and I watched movies and spent time together as I will be going out of town soon . For all the 80's wear novices I can sum up the Eighties in a hand full of movies .

If you want to look "cool " :  1. The Lost Boys
                                            2. Pretty in Pink
                                            3. St. Elmo's Fire
                                            4. Any brat pack movie
                                            5. Purple Rain
                                            6. Any Madonna video
If you want to look "powerful " : 1. Nine to Five
                                                 2. The Dynasty / Dallas T.V. series
That sums up the eighties in a nutshell . (We watched The Lost Boys last night). My favorite look in the 80's was the permed mullet , with a "tail" of course , ( Think early Prince ) , An oversized  purple , black, blue plaid shirt that would easily be a xxl now, black leggings with black lace-up wrestling shoes or untied high-top sneakers, big white smuched down socks, and giant plastic square cut-out stud style earrings or one single dangle in one ear only !  This inevitably led to grunge . After all the self-obsession of the 80's and way too much excess , ( Think Miami Vice ) , grunge seemed to lead to a time of self-reflection and re-prioritizing , the less is more approach to fashion and the "I'm Not O.K." of music.

Now , it seems that society is again running from the needy nineties, into a self-expression period , much like the 80's departure . I try not to get political or too reflective in a "style' blog , but I am so hopeful and excited about the 10's ! I see imagination, I see creativity, less "branding", more young people Deciding to be Who they are , whether it be Retro , Vintage ,  DIY ,  Boho or the latest look I love "country rebel"  from who else ? F21 . It seems that style is becoming Personal , not one-size-fits-all ! When I scope the internet , I see every style imaginable out there right now ! I think that's exciting !

 Country Rebel from Forever 21.

I love this dress !

An Alexander McQueen .

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