To Bang or not to Bang / Running with Scissors !

Ever have a moment of whimsy where all your knowledge of what is right and wrong become blurred and suddenly find yourself running with scissors in your hand ? Suddenly, you tell yourself you can do anything ! Impulsive creativity takes over your mental process and the next thing you remember is throwing a clump of hair in the bathroom trash can ?


All by Myself. Enough said !

Then , I start reading up on WHY i did it , and found a way to rationalize my impulsive scissor-happy moment.
P.S. I hate close-ups but am trying to be proud of my laugh lines !

1. LONG FACE ?  Add Bangs .

2. Highlights will add dimension to hair , especially BANGS.

3. With a long face like mine , layers around the face or curls add width to your face.
BANGS can cover a high forehead.

4. BANGS can add a special touch to an up-do.

Or Pony Tail.

5. Side-swept BANGS add dimension to dark hair.

6. BANGS can add a youthful appearance to any style.

7. Highlighted BANGS make you laugh really hard .

And make you feel "Special" like Chrissy Hynde.

The most flattering cut and style for all face types.
Heidi's shoulder-length, face-framing curls with BANGS.

Also, if you have straight hair , create more width with bangs.
Chin length bobs / cuts are ideal as they create the illusion of width.
Curls and waves also create width.
Avoid extremely long or short cuts if your face is long.
( Info : )

Next step , Highlights !
(Yes , I had to air-brush )

My first banged outfit post :
( In a rain storm , no less ! )

A thrifted skirt , tights, black flats ( Payless ), A cream top over a lt. green long sleeve T, purple scarf ( Dollar store), Thrifted belt, and bag. I am hooked on the cool color mixes by What Would a Nerd Wear. She comes up with the most amazing color combos !

Added a red hoodie as I was freezing and wet !

Ahh , growing older gracefully . What a trip !

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Maria said...

Oh, yeah, i've done that before! I actually cut my hair that was waist length to my neck. My mom was horrified. I was 16, but you know moms. I wish I could say that was the only time I've done that, but I get scissor-happy pretty often. I think your bangs look pretty good though, and the highlights will definitely add a little something.

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