I never fail to meet new and interesting people when I'm out and about. I'm a talker. A Gemini , through and through. During my latest outing - Always take your Camera ! - I met the coolest free spirit. Her name is Kitty. Nuf said !  So grab a pop ,  your favorite psychedelic , and enjoy my afternoon !

There is an outfit in here , but it wilted in comparison to my great trip across the bridge !

Skirt: H&M,thrifted - T: Miley/Max,$3. - Shoes: AK,TJMaxx - Glasses: W-mart,$5.
Hat: Sears,clx. - Bag:? - Bracelet: Penny's clx. - Ring: Dot's $6.

I'm lucky to live near the world's largest "Forest Within a City's Limits" !

I only bought this T because of the cool phone booth on it.

Then I met my Muse......

An impromptu photo op. at the Circle K !

                                                                           TO BE CONTINUED...............





* Reva *


Kel Ward Photography said...

Love the phone booth shirt. I also love your bracelet! Wow. The purse kicks butt, although I would never be able to fit my "life" in something so petite. Diggin' all the colorful tattoos and the Bill & Ted references! Too funny.

JordanMayTwigs said...

Digging on the outfit today.
As a person with 10 tattoos,
People with tattoos are just MORE FUN!!!!
I will one day finish my thigh tattoos and post them.

I have so many more that I want.
I love looking at them.
And hearing the stories behind them.


Dirty Hair Halo said...

girl's got some pretty perma-sleeves.

i'd love to get inked, though at the rate i acquire, love, get sick of, then sell clothing it might be a bad idea (considering my lack of commitment.)

you can't really pawn off your skin...

Marianna said...

You are AMAZING. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring and eye opening. Just gorgeous.

Lady Cardigan said...

You look so carefree in this outfit! And Kitty has some awesome shoes.

Bianca said...

Oh, I love the outfit! The tee is super cute and I really like how everything flows together so nicely!! :-)

JordanMayTwigs said...

I too am a Gemini.
[[ May 31st 11:11 .P.M. BABY ]]

But for some reason I can got inked and not feel like it's not worth it.
Probly because I wear them as accessories.

I'm doing a photoshoot in a few days.
And will be showcasing my tattoos.
It's my first photo shoot to do that.
So it maybe a bit odd at first.
But I'm very comfortable in front of the camera.
So I think it shouldn't be a problem.

E-mail me any time.


WendyB said...

I like your big flower ring...I've done one like that. You can kind of see it here:

Sher said...

Loving your floral jewelry. Especially that bracelet :)

Literal Gemini said...

Cute outfit. I love how the red shoes pick up the red inthe shirt. I also love the light blue skirt. Very adorable...

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog while I was on hiatus...It happens to all of us...

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