It all started with this vest . ONLY 2 DOLLARS at Rue 21 !

Mother Nature gave me one more cool day to wear this clearanced faux-fur vest. I was gonna do the hippy look, but that seemed too obvious . So, I threw it over a vintagy outfit instead. It got to walk with me in the sun for a brief moment, only to be shunned into the back of the closet til next year. I would have never paid full price for it, as trends go out so fast, but for Two dollars, it was worth it !

After helping my Hubby get out the ladder for gutter cleaning , I booted the vest.

I felt so Girlie! I was having major exposure problems that day , which probably started with my bath experience. As those who keep up with me know, I hate house work, with a capitol H ! I got the idea to Mop my entire bathroom from ceiling to walls to floor. Sounded so much more time efficient. The only problem was, I put the mop in a plastic bag when I was finished, and felt so clever ! I left it in the tub and forgot all about it. The next day, half asleep, I ran my bath, slid open the door, sat down in a tub full of yummy, bubbly Mop water. Yep. Mop water. The mop was still in there beneath the bubbles. I removed said mop, and just kept on bathing. I can be gross, but I rationalized it as clean mop water !

The deets :

Vintage Skirt : Thrifted.

Furry Bracelet : 1928
 Ring : Vintage from my Mom. 3 diamonds from 3 engagement rings.
My Grandma's, Great Aunt's, and Mom's first.

Shoes : Westies.  Tights : Merona over cream Hanes.

Brooch: 1928

Flower hair / pin : Dollar Store

Ladder : ?

Sunset : God.


Marianna said...

Oooh pretty pretty! I can't believe the vest was only $2! Great score!

And I HATE housework too. No thanks!

t said...

Cool combination! :)


Lady Cardigan said...

This is such a pretty outfit. Your skirt is lovely. And about your previous post and the Culture Club song -- yay! I will always love Boy George. People who don't remember the '80s don't understand, but he was just so shocking and cool because he didn't seem afraid to be himself.

what i would have worn... said...

Fab vest! I have been coveting a faux fur vest for ages but just can’t justify one in the Middle Eastern heat. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes and brooch!
I'm glad to hear that you came across my blog, I am new to this so it's great to have an up and coming fan!
Looking forward to reading your posts!

gina said...

I like the vest. Great deal.

This outfit is just lovely. The skirt, the colors, the textures, the details of the accessories. Everything is so pretty together and so flattering on you.

QueenDiva said...

I love how you linked everything together. I love how you are not afraid to break out of the "norm" of fashion... those shoes... omg... loving those shoes!!!

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