I'm Every Age I've Ever Been / Pink Tights and Vintage Brooches

My first Designer Brooch . A Lucky Locket Kiddle by Mattel !  We called them Little Kiddles . This is one of the few toys I still have from my early childhood . On the back , it even has the year it was made , 1966. Yep , I'm "vintage" , too ! One of my favorite quotes is " I am every age I've ever been ". I believe that's true of all women . I'm still a little girl who likes to play dress up , a rebel without a cause , a rebel WITH a cause , a lover , a strong leader , an artist , musician , someone who laughs at inappropriate times , one who aches when others are hurting , one who throws things when she gets mad  , and whines when she doesn't get what she thinks she wants , but who can still "bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan "!  I hope I stay young , even when I am an old cat lady who wears pink tights and bright red lipstick on her thin lips . I hope my wrinkles are from laughing so hard !

My outfit is my paper-bag waist skirt , my first skirt sewing project , which will be sewn properly this week by my Mom . I added hot pink tights and sandals , a sleeveless cream sweater , and my fav. thrifted cross pendant . It's a ringing in Spring outfit . My bags are packed , my house is in order , time to hit the road .
See you next week !

Other ways I've worn this crazy skirt .

Have a Sunny , Funny March Weekend !

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Dip-tea said...

Loved the idea ! I can never pull off a whole white outfit. But it looks pretty and very classy on you. And the hot pink tights - cute !

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked it. I really appreciate it !


P.S. ~ Yes I agree, Christina is awesome ! :-)

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