Nothing makes me fell all growed up like the classic trench. Except in pink, of course !

I took these shots at sunset Down on the Farm. I'm almost through with my Homeward Bound Outfits.

.I got this inspiration from a simple look by loveMeagan , and it just seems so simple and classy.
The trench is a First Issue bought on clx. at Sears, The jeans are Gap, thrifted. The loafers are also thrifted and so comfy. A fitted white cotton shirt by ?, my Laurel Burch cat scarf and red belt for a pop of color. So simple ! Sometimes that's all you need !

Oh, and my earrings are by 1928 , which I collected for a long time.

This may be my smallest post ever !!!
Happy Hump Day !


gina said...

Love the trench. Looks great with the jeans and scarf.

Diya said...

beautiful trench! especially nice with the scarf.

ps. check out my blog at:

Deborah said...

Ohh...I love that pink trench coat! How cute!

Kel Ward Photography said...

Looove the trench! The earrings and scarf are super cute too!

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