MALE FASHION ICONS on a Rainy Day / Double Belted

What to do on a rainy day ?  Surf the net , and find cool images !

My outfit : A thrifted dress, 2 woven belts , my hubs Levi's, Tan flats.

Columbia rain hat.

While surfing the web , and wondering what makes certain trends come back around again, I came across the coolest images and had to share them. My first notion was to look at 80's fashion. I lived through the eighties, (barely!) and thought there was nothing really worth remembering about it . Then, I started downloading 80's pop song fav.s of mine and started to remember why this time was so inspirational. Then I got the idea to showcase my 2 most favorite Male Fashion Icons. Two who had STYLE. Creativity and started fashion trends. Here are my 2 favs. - One was definitely 80's , but one who came before, with Real style !

1942 - 1970
Way before the Eighties.....

Military Style jackets were Big as a Symbol against the Vietnam War.

The late 60's was so much more than tie-dye.
Lot's of Capes and Velvet and short boots.

And Scarves.

And just plain old Creativity !
Not to mention a lot of cool !
Jimi was like the effortless fashionista's , his cool started inside and just bled outwards !

Boy George
A definite 80's Style Icon !

Hats , Colorful eye make-up and oversized clothes.

Lots of High-waisted Harem-style rolled up pants.

The DIY styles always seemed to create fun Trends.

My next Inspirational post will be the 80's Girls.

I love the Clothes Pins Hair Accessories !

Honorable Mention , of course , Bowie !


gina said...

Great music! I measured the shoes and I think they'll fit. Email me your address and I'll send them out this week.

Red, gold and green. Red, gold and gre-ee-ee-een...

Marianna said...

What a fun and visually interesting outfit! Love the double belts and your use of hub's jeans. Well done!

Jane W. said...

Boy George looks so young! Back in the day I knew several "new wave" guys who thought he was gorgeous.

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