When I was visiting my parents, my love of cemeteries and listening to Lucinda Williams song "Blue", plus the fact that my outfit was all blue led to this title.

While going through my photos, I noticed a strange blur near my head in one of the shots! I took several in the same place, as my tri-pod skills can be hit-or-miss, but no more blur ! I blew it up really big, and I still can't tell what it possibly could have been! A spirit, maybe ?

My fascination of cemeteries is a mystery to me. Maybe it's the peace and stillness. Maybe it's about being around old Head stones and wondering who they were and what their life was like. I'm not sure. Maybe it's a great place to take photos!





Another windy day !

My Outfit was a simple blue top over a gray T, an Old Navy skirt, black belt, tribal print scarf and Navy tight by Hue. I wore my brown oxfords for the soggy day.

Leaning on the truck used to dig and haul dirt with.
Yep, for digging graves !

Everything was Blue that day !
From the sky to the truck to the outfit !

I still wonder what the mystery blur was!
Any ideas?

I have always wanted to be visited by a ghost so I could ask them questions about where they are, but so far this is the closest contact !  Maybe it's the Ghost of Fashions Past !

NOW on a more serious note, I have finally noticed that due to recent weight loss and less elasticity in my older skin, I have developed the CHICKEN NECK!  Heeelllllppppp!!! Before I turn into a full-on rooster or turkey does anyone have any advise ? Exercises ? Turtle-neck aren't a Spring / Summer option, nor surgery !
Any great creams, pills or ideas would be ever so appreciated ! O.K. - Yes - I too am vain and am not aging as gracefully as I'd hoped. I thought my Woman-Power-Ovaries of Steelness would somehow shield me from this silly obsession, but I have succumbed to the little monster inside, you know the one. The need to look in all mirrors when you pass by while passing judgement on yourself , then editing the problem by pinching up your face to see how you'd look with a lift . Maybe it's a phase.

It's funny how I see the beauty in others, and can't see how they could possibly not see it in themselves, Yet I sometime have a very hard time seeing my own qualities. I suppose everyone goes through self image issues. A recent post by Sal really got me thinking about where real self-appreciation comes from. Is the media telling us how to look? Absolutely ! Do I really like the color Pink, or did someone else put it there, like my Grandma, who loved Pink?  Why do I worry about looking older ? Probably because Loreal Face Creams tells me to !

Well, my new resolution is to look in the mirror and tell myself what I LIKE when I look into the mirror! For ONE month I am gonna do this and see if My self image improves.

Also, each time I see a commercial about how young I can look if I buy that New and Improved Anti-wrinkle serum with Vitamins, Sea Sludge, and Fairy Mud , I am going to remember that the primary purpose of these bullies is to make a buck !

One more thing ; Do you enjoy music on blogs? I am trying out a cool add-on of my favorite songs. I saw it last week on a cool blog and kinda liked it!

Soundtrack , Yes ? or No ? And Why ?
* Reva *


Lady Cardigan said...

I've only been to a few cemeteries, and I find it very interesting to read the headstones and wonder about the people buried there. I never wore an outfit as nice as yours to a cemetery, though! Your skirt is pretty.

I don't have the neck problem yet, but all of a sudden my face is starting to show my age. I looked younger than I was for so long that I thought I was going to get away with it forever. Ha, well, no. I am trying to accept it because it is reality, but I haven't really accepted yet.

Music on blogs: Usually I dislike it because it makes me jump and it distracts me from reading. But music doesn't stop me from visiting sites I like. And I like that America song your blog just played! - it was fun to hear it again.

Kel Ward Photography said...

I, too, love cemeteries! I definitely think you have a spirit there. Also, in the very first photo I'm seeing something off to the right, right above the tree line. It's white. Do you see it? What is that? Love the old truck.

Kel Ward Photography said...

Forgot to say that I like the use of "dye" in the pics. Clever.

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