I am having a time with letting go ! I love to layer. It's a bit cooler now which may let me get in some of my favorite Spring Jackets / Coats / Sweaters before the window of opportunity closes. If you live in the mid-west as in Cincinnati , you know how it goes : Cold , Cold , Cold , Warm , Cold , Cold , HOT !

I saw the cutest maxi - layer look and am trying to copy it. I'm still on the quest for the right lengths to create better symmetry. This was my first notion. I bought 2 thin cotton wrap maxi skirts at Penny's a couple years back. I always buy 2 of things I like in neutral colors , and since they were under 5 bucks on Clx., and the job I had at the time had mandatory colors we had to wear ( black, tan, and a white top ). I probably have every style of black skirt made. I am finally wearing them again without harsh memories. I HATE dress codes !

My inspiration : Crystal Wood !
Thanks Crystal. She has an amazing style, and can put a hurting on a Maxi !

I added a thrited silk / rayon skirt from The Limited , ( I find so many of these ! Yah! )

I chose a wide belt for balance.
( TIP : to wear your big belts as cinching belts , use a thin hair elastic , slide it onto the belt and it will hold the excess length down without noticing it , if the belt is too wide to tuck under itself ! )

My short brown suede boots w /out sox got another wear.

I didn't over-do accessories, but wore a big cut-out sea shell chocker , to go with the shiny belt.
The shiny , inside part of a shell  -
Is this called "abalone ?"  My hubs says no , I say yes.

Plus of course , a hat ! I love hats, though my Mom keeps telling me they will make me bald.

Speaking of which , Naduah lost in the first round of ANTM ! She was my predicted winner.
Then, my second choice was booted off last night! I give up !

My love of hats DID NOT start in High School !

We were called " THE MARCHING BLOODY Q-TIPS" !

I quickly joined the Drum Corp. !
Unfortunately the Xylophone weighed a ton , and our school was too cheap to buy wheels.
It was strapped to my back like a pack mule !

Ah , memory lane ! Here I'm sporting the "preppy" look that was in during the early 80's.
Khaki's , Izod button - down shirt and Loafers with no socks !

Holy Crap ! will ya check out the girls ?
Duct Tape, please !


Kathryn said...

I don't know if I would wear one, let alone two, maxis, but this looks great on you.

Deborah said...

Reva...this looks hot on you! I love how you put this together! Love the hat too!VERY nice!

Lady Cardigan said...

I like all the different things you do with your hair, but it looks great worn down like this, too - so pretty and youthful.

About ANTM, it's starting to appear to me that Raina will win.

JordanMayTwigs said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blogpost.
I'm trying to do more outfit posts.
I wear a lot of "Grunge meets Hippie meets DIY Punk" clothing.

I'm going into the work force soon though.
And will need to tone down my "WILD STYLE".
Boring white polo's and black dress pants.

I'll just have to accessorize the heck out of those outfits!!!

What's your e-mail by the way??


gina said...

I love this look on you! Mostly black with the pale floral. Awesome results from your skirt layering.

I played xylophone in high school band too! Well, marimba actually, since that's the large keyboard instrument that my school chose to purchase. Only in concern band though. I was a majorette in marching band, so I didn't have to haul a heavy instrument around.

gina said...

The clogs are not new. I got tham at TJ Maxx about 2 years ago.

I'm actually considering giving them away b/c they're a little loose on me. Since they're clogs, that means I'm constantly gripping at them and clenching my feet to keep them from sliding off. Ouch! That's why I've had them so long and yet they're never made an appearance on my blog before. They're a 7.5 M. If you think they'd fit you, I'd be happy to send them to you.

Literal Gemini said...

Cute idea to layer a short skirt over a longer one. I would have never thought of that...

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