Road Trips , Forced Meditation , and an Old Floral Dress

A long road trip is a great time for meditation , reflection , listening to the Blues, and finding how difficult going back home can be. I really needed this trip. To regroup, and recharge my internal batteries. It's always a bitter-sweet trip , as my parents are aging , but also a good place to be. The country fields were freshly plowed , and the sunsets seem so much bigger in the country. 

Upon arriving at my Parent's house , I sat outside and rested . Thoughts still running through my head , but feeling worn out from the 6 hr. car trip , I snapped some photos of my outfit while my Mom prepared dinner.

A Vintage Ford tractor fender made for an appropriate backdrop !

My outfit was a tiered late 80's dress , Vintage scarf , black tights and brown sandals , along with my Grandmother's necklace.

This pendant was handed down to me from my Grandmother and is probably from the 40's Era.

This is my Dad's current project . The Vintage Tractor .
Vintage definitely runs in the family !

Thus began my week . I am really tired tonight , and have little to say other than I miss my Parents right now. I arrived home a couple hours ago and am gonna catch up with my Hubby tonight . I hope you will enjoy my trip photos as I post them later , and my ramblings will be more inspired . Plus I got tons of thrifties I can't wait to wear ! Like a trench for 6 bucks, lots of skirts, scarves, a couple dresses , accessories and more !

You can go home again , but it's nice to be back in MY home , too !

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