My favorite Sarong makes a comfy alternative for a lazy Sunday . The dark , cold day led to many movies including the Sixth Sense . I love that movie !

I look so Frowney !  My  smile is an enigma ! When I don't smile , I look really sad or mad , but I am uncomfortable with my smile, ( no braces , thus a bit crooked ), and I end up looking like " The Joker " !
Oh well , perfection isn't one of my qualities . Boy am I glad ! Can you imagine living up to being perfect all the time ?  Yikes !

This off - kilter sweater is another cozy favorite . A simple white T underneath , and a loose scarf for the cozies , too !  I wear thin leather flats for running in or out .

Soon , in a few days , I will be going out of town to visit my lovely Mom, with lots to sew and lots of Thrifting !  Also , the weather is gonna hit the 50's and be Sunny !!!!  I am in desperate need of a vitamin D boost !
I have specific things I am looking for while thrifting , like these :

A big straw hat .

A natural leather bag .

Long , full , floral dresses or skirts .

Tiny floral prints for shorts .

Some super - tall  funky clogs .

The "Country Boho"  looks .

Full , Full , Full  legs !

Adorable Spring / Summer dresses . Floral , of course !

And of course , any cool skirt !!!

I can't leave for a few more days , but am getting excited and am ready to pack .  My Mom and I have many giggle - fests !  She is my best friend . Plus , she can sew like a Magician !  ;-)

See you tomorrow !

Sarong : World Market.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Lovely print on your skirt Reva! And of course, I love how that pink scarf pops against the white top!

Carrie said...

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gina said...

Such a pretty print, made so cozy with the sweater on top! I love how you accented with the bright pink scarf and shoes!

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