I almost missed the daylight window for popping off shots. The sun was still "up", but in Cincinnati, land of the hills, the sun was behind the last hill in our neighborhood. I had to use a flash, which is hit or miss without a remote. The very first shot is actually what color my sweater really is, peach. During my grunge days, Ahh.... I miss them so, we gals Always wore black cotton flats. We called them China flats, and though they would make your feet stinky, they were the uniform shoe. When one pair wore a hole or the strap broke, you just went next door to the incense shop and plopped down 3 or 4 bucks for another pair. (I worked at a "head" shop called The Cupboard in University Heights, where I also lived. My co-workers wore vintage stuff then, and my manager wore baby-doll dresses with red patent mary janes. Another girl Never washed her long beautiful hair and was growing dreads. The "cool" venue for up-and-coming alternative rock groups was 2 doors down. I met Carly Simon one day while she was walking around the strip. Gosh, I loved that world!!!

O.K. back to the outfit. My shoes are the same kind, but I wanted a brighter color. I have them in black already. I laid in the sun, before having to get dressed, and still had sun-screen on my face. This skirt is one of my favs. It goes with everything and was thrifted (originally from Limited?) I took super long beads and made a chocker, tissue thin sweater from Penny's and hat from K-mart. The bag was also thrifted and matches a pair of hurache sandals I thrifted the same day. It was a score day!

Right now, the honey suckles are in full bloom and the aroma is intoxicating!!!

The Deets.

I hate close-ups, but am trying to get used to them.
Look Ma, no make-up or editing. Happy Mother's day!

Ignore the blow-out lady, and just look at all those honey suckles!

Happy Hump Day !!!

Edit : I posted this yesterday, but for some reason, it didn't load. I really know what day it is ( usually! )
ALSO : I tried to use "stopwatch" to see how long it takes for my blog to load, but Vista wouldn't run it!
Does it take a long time to load the images? I know some sites seem to take forever, and to make this blog more user friendly, I'd like your imput on load time. Is it annoyingly slow, or is it pretty quick? Thanks!


piglet said...

Wow those are some bright shoes! I love all the colourful accessories you paired with them.

Lady Cardigan said...

Your blog loads fine on my computer, not slow at all, but I don't know if I'm typical because I have a nice fast cable connection and rarely have much trouble loading things these days. I usually use the Firefox browser.

Those shoes are definitely a statement! Of course you look great, as usual. I envy your hat - I need one like that for going out in the sun, but they're always too small for me.


HI Reva, I had to do a search for this post.. Not showing up on my blog roll.. Anyhow, love the clogs, they are beauties! Your 90s grunge days sound pretty relaxing, and fun. The orange, peach suits you !

Kel Ward Photography said...

Love the orange mary janes. Too cute! I used to have leopard print ones like thoes.

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