Grown Woman in a Playsuit !!!

Oh Yes I Am ! I'm wearing a "playsuit", and I like it !!! During a weak moment while waiting for a new battery to be put in my car, the W place had these Miley / Max jumpers for 5 dollars! I know, I know, I have exploited my no-spending rule twice already ( July is a long way away!) , but I really wanted to see if a "saged" chick could pull it off. I will be wearing these things all summer, in leu of a swim top as they are so easy and comfy. Of course I had to buy more than one. And bonus, they have pockets! This one is the girliest, the others are tribal prints. The cotton is paper thin and they do show a lot of skin, but my neighbor's are used to seeing me tromping around in p.j. shorts and a tank. So really, I did it for them ;). I boho'd it up with a thrifted leather belt, hippy beaded earrings, and the traditional summer floppy hat (K-mart) and some thrifted huraches. The shoes are still a little stiff, but I will place giant sock balls in them to stretch them. Ta, Da ! I still feel all growed up. Darn!

The Deets:

My newest favorite accessory, the thrifted leather belt, One Dollar! Yipee!

 I also have a secret. I edit. I admit it. I have seriously bad vericosities in my legs and rather than showing a giant snake crawling up my leg, I get rid of them. When I sit, they retreat, but when I stand, they fill with blood and get really big and painful. Thus the sitting shots. I also could hide them (kinda) with tights, but as summer is here, and I don't want to sweat to death, I wear longer skirts or just edit them out. I am proud of how I am willing to try new, fun things, but at this point, It is becoming a medical issue. I see my doc. on Thursday and am finally willing to say goodbye to the snake legs. I am vain (vein?) as well, but my health comes first! Whew, what a load off !!! Many people edit, and for some reason, I feel it's not "honest". So here's the last and only time ( I hope), you will get the full monty:
Ouch! I can hardly look! Sad, really :) I guess we all have issues and that's O.K. !

Cheers to Summer, Minimal make-up and lots of Orange Pop !

I am looking forward to a sunny week! How bout you?
Do you ever edit ???


CalamityJem said...

I love your playsuit, what a lovely print.
I think you have a pair of fabulous pins!
Hmm, editing...I do crop some of my pictures & I have been known to crop my face out of the pic if I'm gurning for instance but I don't airbrush myself, too time consuming me thinks!

Anonymous said...

The playsuit is perfect for you, I love how it looks!! I may have to stop by big W too to check 'em out!! And you poor thing, I'm sorry about the snake. I don't think there is anything wrong with a little edit here and there. We want to show our styles, who cares if we try to make the picture a little more aesthetically appealing. I wish you luck!

Beth said...

If you don't mind me saying- wow you have a rockin bod! You look great in the romper! I actually felt funny buying a romper too this season becasue I was like, what is a old broad like me doing wearing such a thing, but looking at photos of you has really inspired me! said...

Very cute and fun, I love your style.


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh Reva, you have the most fabulous legs!
What's a little snake between friends?
I love that playsuit on you and how you've accessorised it, too.
Hope the doc sorts the vein out for you soon so's you can wear shorts without a second thought.
If it's any consolation I have a big hip replacement scar running up my left thigh, now that really makes me feel ancient!

Lady Cardigan said...

I agree with Megan - the focus is supposed to be on the clothes so why not edit your photos if it makes you happier. I'm not good at editing photos so I don't try, aside from adjusting the colors for accuracy, but I crop my head out of my photos, and I also like to crop out my hands when I can because they're so ugly.

Ultrapinque said...

You look amazingly cute in this-- it's just adorable on you. I'll admit I envy your looonnnnng legs, didn't even notice the veins on the unedited pic, until you pointed it out^^ hope all goes well w/ the doctor~~


I too purchased a playsuit! I'm still trying to get the nerve to wear it. You look fabulous! Long and Lean. As far as editing, I edit for brightness and some cropping, not too big with other features.

L said...

You're so gorgeous! You have some fabulously long legs, lady! I'm sorry your legs are bothering you, but honestly I think you look lovely just the same. But good call on seeing a doctor! You shouldn't have to live with them being sore like that.

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