I'm On A Mission

Calling all you hard working, outfit posting, passionate bloggers to join in my mission ! I am determined to be the first woman over 30 to be featured on Weardrobe. This is not for the light weights. This is War !!! I have been a fan of Weardrobe for many months. Back in the days where you could look through tons of photos for inspiring bloggers who shared your interests, style choices and made some pretty cool outfit combos, I hesitantly created an avitar, and began posting my choices. This is about choices. The right to choose who we want to look at, without scrolling on and on and on and on..... Are you with me? If so, strap on those highest heels, the war paint we like to call "make-up", and grab your lipstick and a bottle of water.  I still visit the site, and still post my outfits, but am growing weary. I need some inspiration. So, I decided to start e-mailing them with every new photo I can, by clicking on the "featured" arrow, and getting down to business! If you see my photo, and you are a willing soldier of this campaign, hit the "Like" button. This is for all womankind! This mission is kind of like being the first female to set foot on the moon, the first female to break the glass lens!!! O.K. so it's more a mission of someone who needs a real job, but Hey! I still have goals! I AM every woman. Every woman who wishes for one sweet second in the lime-light. Who's with me? I want to see real women, in real street clothes, and maybe even standing in the street, darn it ! O.K. Enough already...... My blog is probably being deleted from their blog roll at this very moment :)............My outfit......... Kind of my battle garb !.............

I am really a live and let live kind of gal, but since I don't save lives with my bare hands, I can at least type and hit send pretty well :) Look out Weardrobe, Here I come !!! I will wear ya down ;)

A traditional tunic ( which I bought in red and gray also ). I like the way it is fitted, then draped with a low waist. Great for gorilla warfare. Belts don't sit well on my natural waist, as I found out, I'm an H shape and should wear them lower ( who knew? ) The site called www.insideoutstyleblog.com has a lot of neat facts about the why's and how's of outfits. They tell you why the pink and red combo you liked on someone else doesn't look the same on you due to the color palettes / color wheel  science. It's very interesting!  The belt is a skinny,studded F21 over an Old Navy cloth belt, Hat: Targei', Sunnies: dollar store, Necklace: the W place (thanks Kathryn!), Sandals: very old, Bag: Targei' clx. Leggings: F21 ( I think they're Heritage 81 ).

The photos really don't do this necklace justice.

Boo has been enjoying her time in the sun! She doesn't look a day over 10, but she's 18! Yikes! They grow up so fast :)
I did my roots, finally! See, I do have hair, but it is so hot!!!
The deets:

Earrings: Claire's.
This is my "Ya better watch it" pose. ( Actually, my Where are u Bitty-Bitty? look )
There she is..... Whew!
She's definitely getting into it !!! ( I need a drink )
Here are some out-takes and Weardrobe photos:
It's so friggin hot !!!
" Faded Looking" shots:

The blatant sexuality pose.
The big yellow butterfly prop photos ( I forgot them yesterday!)
The artsy-fartsy black and whites:
What do ya think? The first 45 yr.old featured blogger?
I'm really just kidding. ( Kinda ;)


Dirty Hair Halo said...

love your latest looks. you're so hip. i'm really digging on the low-slung belts. they're just... cool.

your wdrobe feature is just around the corner. i can feel it. i've got keen hippie senses. i'm, like, clairvoyant 'n shit.


Helga! said...

Go girl!! I'm gonna find this Weardrobe place and hassle them too!Feck over 30,over 40 is where it's happening!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

I've joined Weardrobe along with my chum, Helga! That site's gonna be over-run with us 40-somethings before the end of the week.
You look hot today. We did our roots on the same day so's we can remind each other when they need re-doing.

Ultrapinque said...

yay---- so agree w/ you, fashion & style isn't only for ppl in their 20's--- you show 'em!!! oh & you look fab, love the little kitty too^^

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Hooray for the worthy mission! I'll support you sister! Hey, you found the necklace! It looks great.

Kasmira said...

Love that necklace!

Good luck with the Weardrobe mission. I gave up on that site and let the young ones have it.

Lesa said...

Hi Reva, Thanks for your sweet comments about my other blog. My girls are my best friends and we have so much fun together.

About a year ago I wanted to go back to China and get a boy (I am 48 yrs old) My husband said " are you F*%@*^$ nuts. So I know how that husband thing goes.

Come back and visit the other bog sometimes there is always something happening there and my ltttlest is quite the Diva, always wants her pic taken.

Love the turquoise, have a great weekend.



Love the attitude in the 2nd shot. Weardrobe lookout REVA'S girls are coming to town!


Oops forgot to mention the lovely necklace, very nice!

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