I was trying to find a different location today, as I am getting tired of looking at the deck, so I pulled into the dog park! But, as my mind thought things through, I could see it all in my mind : Big, furry, tongue wagging German Shepard, running full tilt towards me and my tri-pod toppling over. As I try to grasp my camera, I get my foot hung in a hole, or worse, a pile of poop, and throw my back out in the process. Sooo.... Here I am in the parking lot. Safely popping off a few! We hike these trails a lot, and there's no worse feeling than an un-leashed angry pair of teeth heading at us. The owner ALWAYS says, "he won't bite!" Yeah, right! O.K., enough daydreaming, or day-night maring !!! ( disclaimer: I really love all animals ).

I am getting "ansy" as the library hasn't called to rave about my on-line application and I want a "real" job again. If I were going to work, I'd have this crocheted scarf and brooch over a simple black tank and long,full skirt with boots. But, since I was running errands and going to the doctor, I did a "vintage countryish" look. I bought this skirt for a song, as I can't resist a vintagey print, only to find it was sewn wrong. I pleated the hem to give it some fullness. It was a random stitch-a-thon , but bubbled pretty well. I am loving this washed denim shirt and see it as a summer staple for sure!!!

The booties are mine from several years ago.

The dogs are to my left. I got my eyes on em' ! I do love all kinds of animals, but the leash law isn't enforced  on these trails very well. I usually stand really still and let the dog sniff me til the lovely owner shows up!
" Awww, He Won't Bite ! "

I managed to spill orange pop on my scarf. It came out with a little Dawn!

My sexy,come hither pose! As a blogger, I don't really get camera fright in public anymore.
Yep, the dogs looked on..............

As I am usually late to the show, I saw a few of my bestest blogger pals are into a weekly challenge. It's about dressing to accentuate your best features rather than hiding your flaws. I began to really think about it, and I do dress more to Hide Flaws, rather than the positive alternative. So, next week I plan to try this approach and see what happens! I am open to new discoveries, especially when it is a positive adventure. I know what I like to wear, and I kinda know what looks best on my frame, so we'll see! 

Have a howling, running full-tilt, wonderful weekend !!!
* Reva *


RETRO REVA said...
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Lady Cardigan said...

I love the colors in your outfit! The scarf is pretty. About dogs, I am a big-time dog person, but I've been bitten by someone else's dog, and it wasn't fun. My dog was also bitten recently by a neighbor's dog, and that was pretty bad, although he is OK now. It is definitely smart to be careful around strange dogs.

Vintage Vixen said...

Fab look, crazy new location!
Loving the ankle socks and the plait.
Hiding flaws? You're flawless, hun.
Keep up the good work!

Beth said...

I love this look and I love how you always look like you are having so much FUN


I love that Vintage pin, Love!!!
You are so creative. Enjoy your days, soon you'll be back to the rat race. :D

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